Wildfires! Will Your Road Trip Dreams Survive?

With an explosion of wildfires consuming millions of acres and threatening lives in the Western United States, travelers are forced to reconsider their plans for dreamed-of road trips to the region. Mark Greene of Cars Yeah discusses the enormous impact on residents and visitors alike.

Photo credit: Washington.edu

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Leave It As It Is: Teddy Roosevelt and Our Public Lands

David Gessner discusses the most celebrated legacy of the first President Roosevelt, referred to admiringly as TR by millions of tourists who annually traverse a gorgeous labyrinth of National Parks, Forests and Lands that Roosevelt championed as America’s gift to the world.

(Photo credit mountainandprairie.com)

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Discovering Camano Island, WA

Picturesque and blissfully removed from the traffic and haste of the big city, Camano Island treats visitors to a plethora of rustic natural wonders along with some of the finest crab (and crabbing) to be found in the Pacific Northwest. Recent arrival Sig Hess shares his story of retiring from Boeing and Seattle to his version of Eden.

Photo credit: whidbeycamanoislands.com

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David Crockett: Still King Of The Wild Frontier

David Crockett, affectionately referred to as Davy, today remains an American icon of courage and patriotism. There is much more to his story than his celebrated stand at the Alamo. Seven sites endure as living memorials to a man for whom history and legend compete in defining a frontier hero and uncompromising lover of freedom. Jess Winfield, American Road editor, joins us to discuss his article, King Of The Wild Frontier.

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And Jerry Mathers was the Beaver

Indulge in a bit of time travel with us as we are joined by Jerry Mathers aka Theodore Cleaver aka the Beaver. Countless Americans grew up (and still enjoy) following the wholesome adventures of a sweet-faced kid from childhood to adolescence. As Jerry reveals, his road stretches from child star to lifelong status as a TV legend.

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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan Awaits

Detroit native and travel writer Amy S. Eckert recently packed up the bare essentials and headed to the U.P. Her trek to the wondrously wooded region in Michigan, bounded by three of the Great Lakes, rewarded Amy with the experience of getting away from big city pressures and encountering the rich natural beauty that stokes the pride of every Michigander. (Photo used with permission)

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Culture and Road Trip Dreams with NY Vinnie

Meet NY Vinnie, a longtime auto aficionado with as many stories as miles under his belt. He hosts DriveTime Radio, an entertaining weekly look at the fascinating world of automobiles from the classics to the latest styles and technology. Nostalgia meets modern road life when Vinnie is behind the wheel!

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Florida’s Coral Castle is One-of-a-Kind

Greater Miami’s Coral Castle (Homestead, FL.) is rated by TripAdvisor as one of the Top 35 museums in the nation. The unique complex built by the remarkable Edward Leedskalnin (by himself!) stands as one of the most mystical and architecturally baffling wonders of the modern world. Ken the Tour Guide shares his expertise and local history.

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The Enduring Glory of Santa Fe, New Mexico

From the stately Palace of the Governors to myriad cultural and scenic venues, Santa Fe is a burnished jewel of the Southwest. We spoke with Hersch Wilson, known as The Zen Firefighter and a local newspaper columnist, about his ardent love for New Mexico’s capital and all it has to offer.

Photo credit: santafenewmexican.com

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Welcome to Litchfield, Illinois on Route 66

Visitors are rewarded with a look backward in the town of Litchfield, one of the premier locations along historic Illinois Route 66; we talked earlier this year with local expert Carol Sneed to get the details about its fascinating history and contributions to the enduring mystique of The Mother Road.

Photo from illinoisroute66.org

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