Movie Manor—Monte Vista, Colorado

Owner George Kelloff tells how his parents built the Star Drive-In in 1955. “Back in the fifties drive-ins were the thing, you know,” he remarks. In 1964 George’s dad, tired of teaching music to supplement his income, hit on an innovative concept: combine the drive-in with a motel. He built a motel a stone’s throw from the screen. Then he fixed rooms with huge picture windows and piped-in sound.

Today, the Movie Manor is the only drive-in left in Colorado’s vast San Luis Valley. The Manor trades not only in current cinema but also in nostalgia. Accordingly, its themed décor honors the films of yesteryear, with each room bearing the name of a famous star: Grace Kelly, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, John Wayne. The newer additions update Hollywood history, adding names such as Sharon Stone and Nick Nolte. Each room boasts framed pictures of various stars and film-strip trim.