First Timers Visit to Fargo

Maybe you’ve heard of Fargo from the movie or TV series, but you’ve never actually visited the real place. We promise, it’s nothing like what you see on TV. This two-day itinerary for your first visit will cover all the fun things to do in Fargo!

Leap to Lecompton, Kansas

Voted one of the “best small towns in Kansas” and for good reasons; it’s a quaint small town with amazing – nation changing – history. Lecompton is a perfect day-trip destination! Visit National Historic Landmarks discover Civil War history; enjoy unique shops and delicious eateries. Plan your trip.

Swing into Garden City, KS

Try Southwest Kansas and plan your trip to Garden City in Finney County! Be assured you’ll be treated like family. We invite you to come and experience all we have to offer! Enjoy engaging attractions, challenging golf courses and the world’s largest hand-dug pool! Try the best local eateries in the state and relax in cozy lodging. Include a local festival in your visit too!

Get the Heck INTO Dodge City, Kansas

You’re invited to Dodge City, Kansas to Relive a Legend! Get the heck INTO Dodge and find everything you need to ensure a memorable time. Dodge City offers the perfect retreat along with the charm and excitement of the old west. Don’t miss any of the many attractions and special events that give you that Dodge City experience!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Liberal, Kansas

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Dorothy’s official hometown of Liberal! You’ll discover wide open spaces, history, culture and a wide variety of activities and attractions. Liberal offers cozy lodging and all the services travelers’ desire. Be sure to include one or all of Liberal’s seven festivals in your visit too! “Conservatively Speaking: Liberal Has It All.”

Junction City/Geary County, Kansas

Junction City/Geary County, Kansas offers up events all summer long! From mudslinging trucks and a bucking bronco rodeo to a cardboard boat race and a music jammin’ BBQ festival and more! “Junction City, KS it’s that good!” So don’t miss any of the fun, make your plans now!