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Thanks For The Posts On The Hypotenuse!

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I want to take a moment and thank all the great friends on the forum for putting up with the Hypotenuse Trail gig, and for your kind posts along the way. It made the trip lots more fun, and I hope you have seen or are seeing some countryside you wouldn’t otherwise.


Unless someone begs me not to, I will try to continue to post videos and stills taken along the way. I know I have wondered what Nebraska or Kansas, or Arkansas, or…. “really” looks like…not what appears in a tourist brochure. Maybe you have too. Well, here it is!


I am an avid believer in two lane travel, and this trip has reaffirmed that for me. You can have it all on the two lanes. And it is self evident that you would have a hard time choosing an uninteresting route. It would be virtually impossible.


I set out to find a glimpse of 1920-40’s America, and I found it. It was wonderful to step back in time. Had I been looking for America’s best donut, I probably would have found it too. Or the best hamburger, or nicest waitress, ….or you name it. America truly lives along the two lane roads. That may seem silly to say, but whose home address is on an interstate?


I have tons of “reflections” which I will spare you…..and one word of advice….GO!


I think the car rental people need to move cars out of Florida and Arizona each spring. Lets see…..Arizona is pretty far to the Southwest…I wonder if a Hypotenuse II is possible…Arizona to Maine…hummmm?


Keep the Show on the Road!




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I wonder if a Hypotenuse II is possible…Arizona to Maine…hummmm?

That hypotenuse would certainly pass near Indianapolis...


Almost forgot--we are still looking forward to seeing the map of the actual route.



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