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Every so often, while perusing my favorite part of the newspaper, ie: the Comics, I come across a great comic strip pertaining to road travel.


This past week, August 3rd , 2006, the comic strip called Frazz was about the interstates. Frazz is the custodian at an elementary school.


Wednesday's went:


Frazz: I bet I'd have liked a booster seat when I was a kid.


Kid: You can't move.


Frazz: But you can see out the window.


Kid: Two words. Interstate.


Frazz: Interstate isn't two words.


Kid: Okay, three

1) Boring

2) As

3) H......


Frazz: Careful, now.


Ya thinks the kid has it?


This would be a good place to keep track of those really funny road strips. If you come across one, let us all know. Also, is it possible to cut and paste here?


Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. RoadDog

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My understanding that is do not attach or copy any possibly copyrighted material. If you can find the item elsewhere on the web, providing a link instead is fine. Hopefully I got that right.

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Dave is correct in that we could not have posted / uploaded scans of published comic strips, which are copyrighted material.


It's an interesting idea, though...an acceptable alternative would be that if anyone finds a road-related comic posted at a newspaper's website, you certainly post a hyperlink to the comic.


Just follow the steps here to add a link to your post:



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The August 4th Frazz continued on the same vein. Today, Frazz was having a discussion with another teacher.


Frazz: You know what I'd have liked? Vacationing before the interstate went in. Eating at little roadside diners shaped like teapots and stuff. (Picture of a teapot diner here.)


Other teacher: Because nothing improves a vacation like acid reflux.


Frazz: They didn't have acid reflux back then.


OT: Okay.


Frazz: There weren't those fancy prescription drugs, so we didn't need it.


Whoever writes this strip sure has some good ideas.

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