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  1. I'd like to (again) welcome all of our members to the new American Road forum, whether you're brand new to us, or have been a member since the beginning. I started this topic so that we might briefly introduce ourselves....I'll start! Like most folks, I always enjoyed road trips as a child growing up in Connecticut, though most of mine were confined to the northeast. Pennsylvania & New York were the most popular destinations for us, though we sometimes ventured a little farther south into Virginia. I remember my dad having tons of travel brochures and postcards, and it always was intriguing to see these previews of what seemed to be such "far away" places. I had wanted to take a trip on Route 66 after picking up a few 66 books in 1993, but too many obstacles stood in the way. Finally, by August 2000, I had my chance - and after that, I was totally bitten by the "travel" bug. So much so, I decided to move to the midwest (Romeoville, Illinois). Before doing so, Laurel Kane introduced me to Pat (from Indy)...one thing led to another and here we are!
  2. To add a photo to a post, find the "File Attachments" link below your post area, then browse to a photo on your local computer. Make sure the file size is below 500K (preferably below 250K, and 800 X 600 ppi).
  3. On our latest trip, we also squeezed in some photos of filming locations - here's the ones I took from Easy Rider, which were all on old alignments of 66 at the Park Moabi exit off I-40, near the Old Trails Arch Bridge (on both sides of the Colorado River), as well as in Flagstaff. I missed one in Bellemont, I'll have to get next time! Until then, here's what I have, all from the opening credits: Easy Rider Filming Locations http://wp.me/p2bBcu-Cl Jennifer
  4. One thing we wanted to do during our recent Route 66 trip was add to our blog posts about movie filming locations. Most of the movie "Wild Hogs" was filmed in New Mexico, with many scenes in Albuquerque (standing in for the characters' hometown of Cincinnati, of all things...) and the bulk of the action was filmed in Madrid, along the Turquoise Trail. I'd like to add more to it next time I'm out west if I can pin down some more locales. In the meantime, here's what I have. Enjoy! http://roadtripmemories.com/2014/07/20/wild-hogs-filming-locations/
  5. We took Route 66 from Joplin, MO/Riverton, KS to Needles, and back through Missouri - then back to Indiana over 11 days. As I am able, I'm uploading my photos and writing blog posts. Here's the first 3 days of our journey. http://roadtripmemories.com/2014/07/17/july-3-5-2014-route-66-riverton-kansas-to-amarillo-texas/
  6. It's all fixed up! We were just there on a Route 66 trip two weeks ago. Looks great! ConocoPhillips Station / U Drop Inn - Route 66, Shamrock, Texas by RoadTripMemories, on Flickr
  7. You're right Dave - I hardly have any photos of us on our travels. I think we have both grown camera shy over the years... LOL We'll try to remedy that in the future!
  8. Pat and I had a great time on Illinois Route 66 this weekend, for the IL Association's 25th Anniversary Motor Tour. Read all about it at our blog: 2014 Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour - 25th Anniversary
  9. Jennifer


    Has anyone seen the documentary entitled Wanderlust? It was made in 2005, and it was very good. It was about road movies, how they started, evolved, and mirrored - and influenced - American road culture. Pat and I watched it last night and it was fantastic!
  10. Jennifer

    Ultimate Sausage Gravy

    Looks delish!!
  11. Jennifer

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks Dave, to you too!
  12. Jennifer

    Saint Paul, Mn To Los Angeles, Ca

    Good afternoon and welcome to the forum!! Typically, we love back roads and US highways - the slow, scenic routes. But then, much of our discussion revolves around leisurely vacation travel, not necessary travel from Point A to Point B, and certainly not in the winter. If it were me, as much as I love the back roads and loathe the Interstate (what I refer to as the "Evil I,"), for a trip like this, given the area you're traveling through, the time of year, and the fact that you are trying to get to your destination quickly, I think an Interstate route would be best and safer. I quickly calculated a route using my DeLorme XMap software, and it came up with taking I-35 south out of St. Paul to I-80 east in Des Moines; take I-80 through Nebraska to I-76 in Colorado, then hook up with I-70 in Denver; take I-70 through Utah, then I-15 south through Nevada and into California, then State Road 210 into L.A. Total: 1,928 miles 32 hrs. 55 min. driving time (excludes stops and overnights). Being that I'm TOTALLY unfamiliar with that area of the country and the real conditions of the area in December, someone else on this forum can surely offer a better opinion; but even though it would take longer, I'd personally opt to go as far south as possible out of Minnesota, then head west. I have been through the mountains in Pennsylvania on US 22 at the beginning of April and gotten stuck in a snowstorm! I couldn't imagine heading through Colorado and Utah in December...you might try this instead (it only increases your miles to 2,115 and drive time to 36 hours, 12 minutes): Take I-35 south to Oklahoma City, and then pick up I-40 west all the way to California. In Barstow, you will hook up with I-15, then the route to L.A. is the same....at that point, you're on the home stretch. You do risk snow along that route too, but if you have to drive, I'd guess your chances are way better of avoiding snow by taking this route, than through Colorado and Utah! And, if you feel like slowing the pace a little or jumping off the Interstate, you could always follow a little Route 66. From OKC, this route is right next to 66 (in some cases on top of it!). Either way, have a safe journey and a good trip. Good luck with your move!
  13. Jennifer

    Best Roadtrip Planning Method?

    Good afterrnoon, I do use DeLorme also, as Denny said. My husband Pat has Topo and I have XMap. I follow Dave's process, practically to the letter. I have the DeLorme PN-40. I agree with Denny, in that the DeLorme GPS is not as well-suited for road navigation (especially if a a person is alone (I reviewed it about a year ago in American Road). I also have a Garmin nuvi for road navigation, but when traveling together, we navigate our planned route with the DeLorme. It would be perfect if DeLorme would manufacture a road navigation GPS, which could track trips, allow for import of planned routes from the DeLorme software, and be responsive as an auto unit.
  14. Jennifer

    Spring Cruise

    Probably not necessary, Denny! We have some plans taking shape and a motel, which was featured in a past "Memory Motel," will be the home base for those joining us without T@B trailers. We found a campground in very close proximity (less than 2 miles), which is where the T@Bs will stay. The Saturday dinner for all cruise participants, will most likely be a potluck at the campground. Other meals can be organized informally on our own at the time.
  15. Jennifer

    Spring Cruise

    Good afternoon everyone! I had some ideas going for a spring cruise (not the place, the routes, etc.), but for now, having a spring cruise and incorporating in some of our new T@B friends. So, for those familiar with what we typically do on our trips, here's my rough idea for a modified cruise, that would allow for an easy blend of cars and T@Bs... Friday: Pat and I, in our T@B, cruise from Indy to our weekend destination. Similar to our Cave City trip, that place will be our "home base." For T@Bs it will of course be a campground; for cars, it will be a motel in close proximity. If I can find a campground with either cabins, a motel or lodge, etc., that would be all the better, so we are all in the same place. The Friday portion of the cruise would be very light on stops, just pit stops and lunch. Once we are all at "home base" we can have dinner TBD. Saturday: Breakfast on your own (or together, as desired)...everyone meets at a determined time and location, and we all cruise for the day to various stops, tourist attractions, and lunch. The cruise ends for the day back at home base, and I'm either going to plan dinner at a restaurant, or, depending upon interest from "non-T@Bs," a potluck at the campground. I don't anticipate any heavy duty cooking involved for non-T@Bs- if you can swing by a local grocery store and pick up some salad, a dessert or whatever...but if that is of no interest, we can do the restaurant, let me know. I have included a poll in this message. This ends the "official" portion of the cruise. Sunday: No plans - breakfast on our own or together, everyone heads home from there. All suggestions & ideas welcome!
  16. Jennifer

    Spring Cruise

    Excellent, Kent!! I'm glad to know that. We just had an idea for what we want to do, and already are pretty excited about it! As soon as we have some definite plans, we'll post. I do remember the twice-baked hot dogs! That was a good time. I think we could definitely do something like that at the campground. I'm going to get more information on the area Pat and I are considering, and will start shaping things up. Here's hoping for a short winter...
  17. Jennifer

    Our First T@b Camping Trip...

    This past weekend was the first we spent really camping in our T@B trailer (the driveway doesn't count!). Read all about it here: T@B Camping Trip at Summit Lake State Park
  18. Jennifer

    Our First T@b Camping Trip...

    Hi Dave, The trailer is new, but the truck is old (looks great, though!)...depending upon the location, campground fees aren't too excessive. It all balances out. I'm not sure about the trips left and right part! LOL Actually, Pat and I have not taken many week long vacations in a while. Most of our trips are quick weekends or long weekends. The reason is that probably around 2003 or 2004, for at least one week every year I decided to go back to Connecticut and stay at my grandmother's house. I thought it was best to do that, not knowing at any time how much longer she'd be with us. She passed away on Christmas day this past year (2008). This year, I have been very busy at work, and have had little opportunities for time off; so again, back to the long weekend trips for us. Since getting the trailer a month ago, this past weekend was our first chance, again, we have been too busy. We are sneaking in another trip this weekend before it gets too cold. I hope next year that will change and we can camp local most weekends, and take a long trip or two. I will have loads of time off next year, and hope to take full advantage of it!! I do like to help boost the economy whenever I can, though!
  19. Jennifer

    This Weekend In Good Old Madison

    Too bad I was booked solid this past weekend, or I would have liked to head down there. Would have been cool to see "Some Came Running" in a theatre featured in the movie! And what was up with the geocaching event? Sounds interesting. Unfortunately (well fortunately, really), Pat and I helped my mom shop for a new van (a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan, mint condish!). That inspired me to get my Toyota Corolla into good shape, so on Sunday I set a goal to meticulously detail it, and I achieved said goal, but it was an all-day process! I also achieved a really bad backache, but thanks to my physical therapy, I am able to do exercises to counteract the pain, and I am no worse for the wear. Now my car is very road-trip worthy, in which we'll be motoring west this weekend!!
  20. Winnemucca is among six Nevada towns featured in a televised rodeo contest on "Nevada Passage", a show exploring rural Nevada. *********************** The 'Passage' of the tourism dollar It worked the first time: Tourism commission cashes in on popularity of televised competition Becky Bosshart Appeal Staff Writer, bbosshart@nevadaappeal.com Those who have ever wanted to ride bucking cattle for sport may change their minds after watching the second episode of "Nevada Passage", a one-hour televised competition set in six different rural Nevada towns. To read the complete article, click here: The 'Passage' of the tourism dollar
  21. Jennifer

    Carl Fisher Sighting!

    Looks kind of like Ron White is playing Carl Fisher...nahhhhh, not really. He doesn't have a glass of scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other!
  22. Jennifer

    Google Earth Blows My Mind

    I'm with ya! I love Google Earth, Google Maps, Street View, etc. Very cool stuff. For street view, I prefer it in Google Maps, rather than the way it works with Google Earth, but it's cool either way. Pat and I saw the Google people as they drove through our neighborhood...they went around our court, and Pat saw it and shouted to me that Google was here. I thought he was nuts, but he wanted to prove to me that it was them. So we hopped in the car and chased them down. They drove by and we got "caught" on Google Street view 3 or 4 times!
  23. Whatchoo talking about - Willis? LOL
  24. Jennifer

    Welcome - Please Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome aboard! We look forward to hearing about your travels - feel free to share any road trip stories, places you enjoy visiting, etc. Likewise, if you are looking for travel advice, I'm sure you will find us a great place for that too!