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Interactive U.s. 101 Bridge & Beach Tour

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This post will introduce you to an interactive video tour of Oregon’s US 101 along the Oregon Coast Highway, provided by the Oregon Departmnet of Transportation (Thanks ODOT for the beautiful views and video!) Drive north or south, back up, stop, or race ahead.....go in tiny steps or in huge leaps.


Rather than describe it, I’ll let you take the wheel. Just so I don’t dictate what you see, I’ll just get you started and give you a few mileposts along the road. I like going south, because the beach is on the right and in the virtual view.


Click below on a milepost and be on your way. You can change the milepost (higher as you go south), change the speed (I prefer 2) and change the increment (small to slow down to look, large to speed up and whiz by).


I haven’t taken the whole tour virtually, so when you spot a light house. or any other interesting sight, post the milepost here and share it with others.


Let's get started


UPDATE 7/1/08


The Oregon Department of Transportation apparently does not want public access to these videos, and has blocked access. Therefore I have removed the links. Sorry.


Keep the Show on the Road!

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