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* Road Trip To Deliver Parts & Job Search…. *


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Suppose I could file this under “why didn’t I think of this before”, but instead of shipping parts sold, I am planning a road trip to deliver them … & job search, hoping a relocation will spark a more formidable change.

Planned road trip (starting late this or early next week) stops:

Chesterton & Fort Wayne IN

Sioux City IA area

Oklahoma City OK

Fort Worth TX

Cape Girardeau & O’Fallon MO

Nashville & Knoxville TN

Let me know if you’re interested in meeting along the way….

Parts to be delivered are those here:

Also, my pair of CCs are still for sale:

Cort | 40.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics

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Start of road trip delayed (not sure yet about schedule-timeframe), but so far, stops include:
Chesterton-Fort Wayne IN
Sioux City IA
Oklahoma City OK
(possibly Phoenix AZ)
Fort Worth TX
Cape Girardeau-O’Fallon MO
Jackson-Nashville-Knoxville TN
I’ve had no job since February 2012 & no income since September 2013; looking for customer service, marketing or social media opportunities. Been trying to use my crafting creativity on my OLD CARS, STRONG HEARTS facebook page (link below) to leverage social media experience.
Cort | 40.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics




Good idea and it looks like you'll be covering a goodly chunk of the middle of the country. Have fun.


Thank you, Denny! Yep, should be ... if it works out, that is. At the moment, not sure if I'll be in Cincy at all, but if I am, maybe we can meet up ... would be awesome to see you again, sir. :)






Good to see you back on the boards! I am a bit out of the way here in Washington State for a hookup, but let me know if I can help with some old road descriptions.




Keep the Show on the Road!


Hey Dave,


Thanks ... been a while, I know......


I was in Washington during my "Coast to coast" road trip, late June-early July 2011. Not sure how much time I'll have this trip to explore some of the old roads, but ... if you have anything in particular in the Fort Worth TX, Jackson-Nashville TN areas ... let me know. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Road trip canceled.

5 years ago, I was in the midst of my 2009 Route 66 road trip; sharing daily pics (& notes) of that journey on my OLD CARS, STRONG HEARTS facebook page!

That was 1 of many road trips I did 2002-2011 to meet people in person, including some of you. 2 most-recent trips:



Cort | 40.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics

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