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Singing For The Centennial

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Cece Otto is a classically trained -- and great sounding -- vocalist who who has performed at the last couple of LHA conferences and who plans to travel the Lincoln Highway during this, its centennial year, performing concerts along the way. A related Kickstarter project is about to end with the goal unmet but in sight. I've seen projects that appear to be little more than an attempt to get a road trip paid for and I am not at all a fan of those. Cece went to Kickstarter not so much to pay for the trip but to make all the concerts free. Kickstarter projects are all or nothing so a few bucks in the next couple of days could mean a whole lot. Check out the Kickstarter project here and Cece's website here.

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I attended Cece's performance in Hayseville's 1886 opera house after driving a bit of the LH in Ohio. Some pics & words here.


American Songline has a long way to go and I encourage anyone near the LH west of Indiana to check the schedule and attend one of the free concerts if possible.

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