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"It's different now" __ Conway Twitty __ 'Goodbye Time'



Irony rocks.


I've recently learned that, in ~1 year, I'll lose the year-round garage storage (heated in winters) that I've appreciated the last 10+ years. The couple that owns the house, building & property is moving to SC. I will not have the funds needed to buy the place, though I would LOVE to live there. So, since other similar storage options in the area are more expensive, unemployment continues & medical bills are still due ... it's probably time to sell my MCs.


Yep, life is still good. It's just frustrating to watch things for which I've worked hard disappear due to no fault of my own. At least I can still drive & write! Hardly seems fair, but life isn't fair. Things'll work out; they always do...correct?







Motor Gnomes:








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"I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong" __ Rascal Flatts __ 'I'm Moving On'

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Yah, bro, they always work out for folks who have the right attitude, and you have the right stuff by the truckload. If my 72 years on this earth have taught me nothing else, it is that life is an adventure, and those who do the best with what they are dealt, are the winners.


I have watched and read your posts here and I am as sure as I have ever been about anyone that you are heads up, moving forward, and one of the winners. If you keep doing what you are doing, I won't promise sunshine and lollipops every day......that isn't how it works....., but I do promise love, good friends, happiness, plenty of good times, and great experiences. Believe me, I'm positive.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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A lot can happen in a year, and I hope you don't wind up losing your Monte Carlos. In the end, no matter what, you still have the memories. My sister and I sold our parents' home of 38 years yesterday. It was difficult to let go, but the memories will always be inside.


I truly hope everything works out well for you.



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"There was a time I was a true believer" __ Jennifer Warnes __ 'I Know A Heartache When I See One'




A difficult decision, my Monte Carlos (all of which have special significances for me), including my 1st car (1979) & the one my nephew "claimed" (1987), are FOR SALE. I've been unemployed for nearly 4 months with no current viable prospects, I still owe open heart surgery medical bills, & I'll lose my storage. I can't believe this is happening (especially since illegal immigrants get benefits), but such is life.



Someone noted that this situation IS my fault since, for me, medical procedures/expenses are expected; of course, that person is correct. Still, it's ironic that selling is partly because, less than 3 weeks after returning to full time work following my 11/11/2011 open heart surgery, I found myself out of employment from the company that had a campaign to promote "grill decency"....


The job hunt is not going well, but I've done some personal projects. While I continue to try to get hired, I'm researching volunteer opportunities. I've been applying to customer service, social media, web content editing, & marketing/sales careers.



Selling isn't ALL bad; POSITIVES in EVERY situation, right? In this case, once my MCs are sold ... I won't own a front-wheel-drive nameplate vehicle (until Ch#$r%*et introduces the all-new front-wheel drive Caprice!) ...&... I'll have fewer boards/groups to visit, translating into more time for the remaining boards, driving, writing, etc.! OK, so maybe those aren't complete positives....



All of my cars have special significances to me, so selling is MADDENING; I'm sure I'll shed a tear or more as each leaves for a new home/family.








* None of my MCs have been thoroughly cleaned in a few years.


* My MCs have not been started since 11/05/2011, before my 11/11/2011 OHS.


* I have some boxes w/car parts; some cars MAY include extra parts.


* The record-setting 2008 MidSummer Chitown Gathering that I set up (65 attendees) remains the only time all of my MCs were at the same show/gathering/event:


Attendance at the 2009 & 2010 MidSummer events dropped considerably; different areas were tried in 2011:



...and of course cruise nights:










Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 5 MCs + 1 Caprice Classic

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"I ain't up to being strong now" __ Wynonna __ 'Is It Over Yet'

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"The only thing changing is my way of thinking" __ Dottie West __ 'A Lesson in Leaving'



I've "disappeared" from the boards/groups & Facebook a while, but it has been for the best...I think. I've been able to do some projects & focus on the job hunt & related volunteer opportunities (customer service, DJ, social media, web content editing, marketing/sales). I will soon re-activate my FB account to connect & interact with people again.



Whatever "fighting/positive" attitude/outlook I have is certainly being tested. Out-of-whack perhaps, but for me, selling my MCs is more devastating than having a 4th OHS, 11/11/2011. The time of year ... cruise nights, shows, gatherings, road trips ... makes this even more unbearable & frustrating.



At times, I just want them all sold NOW ... with a quick end so I'm not thinking about it. Yet, the thought of no longer being a member of some boards & no longer owning cars that have, at the very least, defined part of my life ... is rather sobering (I don't drink). As appealing to me as it is to only have a rear-wheel-drive-only nameplate car, it's tough to keep the tears away at the thought of selling what I've worked so hard to own & keep, especially when I look at all of the models, brochures & other memorabilia I've also collected.




Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 5 MCs + 1 Caprice Classic

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"I'm still alive inside" __ Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown __ 'No Air'

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"Something inside has died" __ Carole King __ 'It's Too Late'



In the last week or so, I've fluctuated TOO many times between believing the best course of action is to sell & "move on"/say goodbye to my MCs ...versus... to find a way to keep for what I've worked so hard. It's difficult to fathom saying goodbye, particularly to my MCs...


...72 (mine for ~10 years)

...76 (mine for ~14 years)

...79 (mine for ~20 years, 1st car)

...81 (mine for ~13 years, ~17 years w/parents; will go back to them or to my sis/bro-in-law)

...87 (mine for ~9 years)


...BUT, maybe it's for the best. Reading through the Emails I've received of plans & ability (skills/money) to follow through, it seems my MCs would be better with new owners. That helps...somewhat.



It will be difficult (especially for the '72 & '76) to determine who benefits with the $1 price. The '79 & '87 have less interest, so if you are thinking about either, EMAIL me ASAP. I'll send an Email to all who've Emailed me (BCC'd) sometime this week. Yes, I'd prefer to sell for $1 (no amount of money would replace them).



On a side note, I'm considering an offer to attend the MC Nationals this coming week/weekend in TN. I'm on the proverbial fence right now, going back'n'forth on whether to accept or not.... It'd be good to get out of the house, do a road trip (of sorts), see friends (family), & MAYBE network. On the other hand, I know others a lot worse off than I am...& I don't want to send the wrong message....




Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 5 MCs + 1 Caprice Classic

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"There must be a reason for this pain I'm going through" __ Merle Haggard __ 'A Better Love Next Time'

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"This is not where you belong" __ Restless Heart __ 'Why Does It Have To Be (Wrong or Right)?'



I appreciate the Emails/interest in my cars. Early Tuesday morning (1a my time), I sent a new set of questions to ~35 people. Once I have ALL responses, I'll evaluate & decide who gets which car. This is tougher than I imagined on many levels & for many reasons.




Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 5 MCs + 1 Caprice Classic

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"Happiness ain't never how you think it should be so" __ Duncan Sheik __ 'She Runs Away'

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"It's only going to make me strong" __ LeAnn Rimes __ 'Life Goes On'



I arrived home from the MC Nats & was diagnosed w/pneumonia ~6 hours later. I was hospitalized 4 days & 3 nights, which will most-likely blow what is left of my "unemployment budget".


I didn't think that the 1st time my nephew saw my cars out of the garage would probably be the last time, too. 11/05/2011 (6 days before my 11/11/11 OHS)...:




I believe I've decided who gets dibs on each car; I will notify buyers soon.




Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 1 Caprice Classic

CHD.CC + RoadTrips.hobbies.RadioShows.us66 = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort

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"I close my eyes & dream away" __ Roxette __ 'It Must've Been Love'

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