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Calif: Aging Bridges On Route 66 / Okla: 66 Bowl Auction

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San Bernadino County seeks to replace aging bridges on Old Route 66:







66 Bowl transitioning to a Grocery Store - assets to be auctioned:


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San Bernardino County is seeking federal help to replace the aging bridges on the Old Route 66 that officials say serves as an alternate route for the California Highway Patrol during emergencies when Interstate 40 is closed.



I always thought of Interstate 40 as being the alternate to Route 66. :rolleyes:


I hope they get the funding to keep that section of road open and safe.


Last November when I drove the stretch between Ludlow and Essex I did notice that there were load limit signs very prominently displayed before each bridge. I don't recall what the load limit was for a multi-axled trailer but it didn't seem like a very large number.



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