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Yellowstone Trail Gets A Shout Out On Tv's Fringe

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Not sure about you, but the TV show Fringe (which films around Vancouver, BC, but is supposed to take place in Boston) is one of my favorites. This past week, one of the main characters winds up in "Noyo County," Washington. The county doesn't exist and they were actually filming in Canada, but a quick shot of his GPS showed that he was in the town of Snoqualmie, on "Yellowstone Road."


Now, Snoqualmie is a real town. The Yellowstone Trail went through it and is now (mostly) Route 202 (also displayed on the GPS).


Since they weren't filming in Snoqualmie, someone had to make a little image to show. For some reason, they chose Snoqualmie and chose "Yellowstone Road." There's no road by that name in the town.


Would love to know the story behind that. Random coincidence? Or did someone know a little bit about the Snoqualmie area? This episode was kind of a Twin Peaks homage - Twin Peaks filmed a bit in that town, but mostly in North Bend, the next town over (also on the YT).


Oh well. It must be a really slow Yellowstone Trail news day. :)



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The location shown on the screen is here. The road on the right is called "Yellowstone Trail Rd" according to Google Maps.




I'm certainly no Yellowstone Trail expert, but the way that the Yellowstone Trail Road as shown on the GPS dead ends at both ends just as it approaches the I-90 right-of-way seems like a clue that it could at one time have been an old Yellowstone Trail section. Experts?

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Thanks for setting me straight on the screen cap, I just assumed it was supposed to be the town of Snoqualmie. The YT went through Snoqualmie (or around it, depending on year) and then on through North Bend, dead ending at modern I-90. There are sections here and there on either side of 90 (or in between the lanes, as the Denny Camp section gives us. On top of the summit (which is pictured), there's a short section and then it's back to the interstate. Most of YT has been destroyed, but there are still a few sections here and there, east of the pass.

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