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World Champion Liar


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Each year The Burlington Liar's Club crowns a new World Champion Liar... no little white lies will bring you this prestigious title! I am sure a lot of training goes into winning a world championship of this caliber.


Straight from AsSeenInWI.Com Blog is the story of this year's doozy:


December 31, 2009 Sun Prairie man's bank quip makes him World Champion Liar for 2009


A jab at the woes of the nation's banks has been named the top tall tale of 2009.


The Burlington Liars Club bestowed its highest award Wednesday for this line: "I just realized how bad the economy really is. I recently bought a new toaster oven and as a complimentary gift, I was given a bank."


The quip earned Larry Legro of Sun Prairie the dubious — but serious — distinction of being the year's World Champion Liar.


So, now I ask our Forum Folks... what is your favorite road trip "lie"?

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On Madeline Island (WI) in Tom's Burned Down Cafe there is a sign that reads "Free Beer Tomorrow!"


Tom's Burned Down Cafe burned once many years ago and they threw a tarp over the bar and continued on... a few summers ago it burned again. Now the advertisement on the ferry for Tom's reads something like "Burned Again By Popular Demand!"






It may or may not be a lie, but my "favorite" BS coming from a local, sometimes referring to the weather or local business activity is:


"You Should Have Been Here Yesterday!"




Keep the Show on the Road!


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