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Trail To Glacier - Flaming Warning

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On the Trail To Glacier (National Park)......


An antique store as it was meant to be!


I know this was in Ephrata, Washington (old North Central Highway, now Washington State 28), on the south side of the town, on the right going north, but I can’t remember the name of the shop for the life of me. Sheila and I wandered in and discovered a terrific “we buy junk…we sell antiques” store as they were before Ebay. Piles of goodies in five separate rooms, and laid out in front of the building as well.




I have lost interest in most “antique” stores because they have been cleaned out to sell on Ebay. But this fellow has a rare gem. I dug down in some paper stacks and pulled out a 1950’s MGTD and Morris Minor sales brochure and a 1970’s era Playboy Christmas edition. Sheila only let me buy the sales brochure!


Altogether I picked up $23 of different goodies, and like any good dealer, he said, “$20 is fine.” I walked out happy and plan to return.


I regret I didn’t take more photos, but frankly, it didn’t occur to me.


Just for the old roadies like me….do you recall the roadside emergency construction burners before we had battery operated blinking yellow lights? The standard warning in the old days was two or three of these pots sitting on top a sawhorse, their flickering flames illuminating something scrawled on the sawhorse like “Danger, Bridge Out,” or “Road under water.” Since the wind often blew them out, or they ran out of kerosene, it was a real thrill! Ah…the “ole Days!


The store had a few of the old pots, so I took a grab shot.




Keep the Show on the Road!






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I do remember -- but just barely -- those oil fed warning lamps but I had no idea that's what the subtitle "Flaming Warning" would lead me to. If you get back before winter really hits, you might want to look into the blow torches hanging from the ceiling. They'd be handy to have if your pipes freeze up. :D

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