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  1. Hi everyone, As you can see we've been experiencing some challenges with the forum system upgrade. We appreciate your patience as we work through these issues. We have support ticket requests in to Invision Power Board. Hopefully we'll have these issues resolved this week. Thanks for your support! Best.
  2. Dave, Thank you so much for your kind feedback. It is much appreciated. I'll share your comments with everyone. Thanks to all of our readers for sticking with us over the last 10 years!
  3. Happy New Year everyone! May you enjoy a healthy and joyous year along with many great road trips!
  4. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays! We hope everyone received the toy(s) they requested!
  5. Hi Mike, Yay! I'm glad that we seem to have fixed the issue. We're pleased to hear that you are enjoying the site. :-) Thanks everyone for your feedback and letting us know if you experience a problem. Your patience while we try to resolve issues is also appreciated.
  6. Hi Denny, We think we might have found the problem -- and hopefully fixed it. We found some code in the Invision Power Board template and removed it. So, if the issue doesn't resurface, I'm betting that was the problem. If it resurfaces, however, please let us know. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  7. Hi MIke, I THINK we have the issue with "Liking" images fixed. Full members may now like, etc. In addressing the issue, we think we finally remedied the problem with the quantity of images allowed to be posted within forum messages for Full Members. Additionally, we were able to add a new fun feature for Full Members: the ability to personalize your profile page (add a background image, etc.). If anyone experiences continued problems with those features, please let us know. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention!
  8. Hi Denny, We'll see if there's anything that can be done on our end. Thanks for letting us know. I'll post what we find out. Best, Becky
  9. Hi Mike, I'll check into it. Thanks for letting us know. Becky
  10. Don't miss the chance to enter! http://www.americanroadmagazine.com/photocontest/index.html Good luck!
  11. Wow! Impressive sign and equally impressive sleuthing. Thanks for sharing this treasure.
  12. Hi Dale, Hi Dave, I checked to see if I could find a way to increase the size of allowable uploads to posts for Forum members. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any way to adjust attachment size. I am only able to adjust the type of attachment. I'll check with our webmaster to see if he might be able to help with this issue. Until then, I encourage you to check out the Photo Gallery section of the Forum. I didn't see any imposed limits on Gallery uploads. Thx, Becky
  13. Hi Dale, Hi Dave, I just saw your posts. I'll see what if anything can be done on our end to resolve the photo storage issues on the forum. One question, did you try posting the photos in the Forum's Gallery and then linking to them in your Forum post? Thanks for posting about this issue so we can look into possible solutions. Becky
  14. I know there are some great photographers on this forum. I've seen some wonderful images over the years from a number of members. I just wanted to remind folks to enter our "Take Ten" photo contest. http://dld.bz/TakeTen There's no limit to the number of photos you can submit in the contest. And, creatitivity counts. Good luck!
  15. Tomorrow is the last day to register to Win the American Road Trip Sweepstakes! http://conta.cc/QGDF7S
  16. http://dld.bz/TakeTen Show off your photography skills! Enter the American Road "Take Ten" photo contest. Good luck!
  17. In this issue... Summer in Springfield, Ill. From our Road News Desk Museum in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Lake of the Ozarks Getaway ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Sponsors Photo Courtesy of: Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion An infectious, music experience, bursting with creative passion, electricity, and soul. In September, State Street is amped to the beat of Appalachia's past, present, and future. It digs down deep into the roots of traditional Appalachian sound and lifts to new heights-all in the heart of the birthplace of country music. Request Information from Our Sponsors ___________ Go whale watching or relax on the beach. Take a kayak trip or cycle around Lopez. Climb Mount Constitution on Orcas or enjoy sea views. Escape to the San Juan Islands-a ferry ride or short flight from northwest Washington mainland. Enjoy restaurants, explore art galleries and antique shops, and discover museums and farmers' markets. Visit Our Sponsor ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enter to Win Congratulations to our Spring 2012 American Road Trip Sweepstakes Winners: Grooveshark Bluetooth Car Kit Total Value: $119 Beverly Wilson New Fairfield, Conn. $100 Gas Card Carl Baj Buffalo, N.Y. ENTER TO WIN SUMMER 2012 Road Trip Sweepstakes TWO WINNERS WILL BE DRAWN FOR ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PRIZES: - $299 Canon ELPH PowerShot Digital Camera - One $100 Gas Card __________________ Stay Connected Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Visit our mobile site! More Info Subscribe Renew We wish to welcome all new subscribers to American Road. We're glad to have you along for the ride! The print edition of the Summer 2012 issue of American Road magazine mailed last week. For those who subscribed prior to May 31, you should receive your copy soon. If you missed the initial mailing, a second is planned at the beginning of August. We hope you enjoy the newsletter. __________________________________________________________ Ten is a wondrous number. Consider the way it counts: One plus two plus three plus four equals ten-a sum that leads mathematicians to label ten a perfect number. Ten is the original skinny-and-fat team-a one-O combo that puts the oomph into birthdays, anniversaries, and shuffleboard courts. Ten tallies commandments, Buddhist realms, and lords-a-leaping. It's even-steven-and turns on a dime and a decimal. Ten is a green spot for Alexander Hamilton. It's a cinematic assessment of Bo Derek in cornrows. In short, its appeal adds up. Traditionally, ten represents a culmination-a completion-of a cycle. And so it is with this edition of American Road. Ten years ago, this magazine was a faraway light winking on the horizon of a place called What-Could-Be. Today, we are proud to say that each issue of American Road reaches tens of thousands of readers-and guides them on road trips across the nation along life's nostalgic, historic, and scenic lanes. This issue of American Road has been designed to commemorate our decennial milestone. Inside, you'll find a compilation of our greatest two-lane tales. We hope you enjoy the issue. We wish you a safe and fun-filled Summer! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ iPad and eReader App! Attention road trip enthusiasts. Reading American Road magazine has never been easier! American Road is now available through iTunes with an app for your iPad. CLICK HERE. If you have and eReader, or PC, you may also read our online American Road magazine Digital Edition. Go MOBILE with American Road! Take American Road with you everywhere you go! Search the index of back issues, find motels and diners, preview the current issue, and so much more. Visit http://americanroad.mobi on your mobile device, best viewed with a smart phone. Listen to American Road Trip Talk American Road Trip Talk, hosted by Foster Braun, is a podcast talk show that celebrates travel across the two-lane highways of North America. This unique broadcast is an extension of American Road magazine. Join Foster Braun, your host and guide, on the American Road Trip Talk show. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ History Comes Alive in Downtown Springfield, Illinois From the Springfield Illinois Convention and Visitors Bureau It's happening before your eyes, it's everywhere, it's seven days a week, and best of all it's FREE! This summer historic downtown Springfield will be brimming with live performances and fun activities that will completely transport you back in time to the hometown Abraham Lincoln knew and loved. Featuring storytelling and interaction with nineteenth century character presenters in full period dress, music from Lincoln's era, and even appearances by Mr. Lincoln himself! This is one trip to the past you won't want to miss! Springfield is filled with Abe Lincoln sites-the only home he ever owned, his law office, final resting place, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, just to name a few. Don't be surprised if you find yourself lunching next to a couple of nineteenth century ladies at their favorite bistro. Or, catch a fly ball at a vintage-style baseball game. Hit the streets throughout the summer for the FREE History Comes Alive event. Something new is happening everyday in Springfield! From romance to family fun or education, getaways are just plain fun in Springfield, Illinois! With so many exciting and budget-friendly sites and activities, you'll have to come back to try them all! 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Western United States - A study of venerable national park lodges such as El Tovar in the Grand Canyon and the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone provides far more than a lesson in changing architectural styles. It also offers a glimpse of a young country's evolving priorities, vacationing styles, and values. And, sometimes, classic lodges support the cliche that, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Read more. . . Collinsville, Ill. Reserve a spot at the Contemporary Indian Art Show at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site from July 13 to July 15. Kick off the weekend at the opening reception Friday evening. Shop for Native American fine arts, sculptures, and jewelry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Civil War Remembrance: Living History & Surrender Ceremony Presented by Oaklands Historic House Museum in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Come for a time of remembrance when you step into the past at Oaklands Historic House Museum July 14 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. On the morning of July 13, 1862, Col. William Duffield and the 9th Michigan Infantry were camped at Oaklands and around Maneys' Spring when Confederate Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest charged into Murfreesboro and soon overpowered the Federals camped there. By the end of the day, Col. Forrest accepted the Union surrender inside Oaklands Mansion. To mark this occasion, living history camps will be on the grounds. Guided museum tours will take place on the half hour from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The Remembrance Surrender Ceremony-along the drive of the mansion at 2 p.m.-will include both Union and Confederate living history demonstrators. Parking will be located on Roberts Street and the entrance will be at the pavilion. Email info@oaklandsmuseum.org. Oaklands Historic House Museum is located at 900 North Maney Avenue. It is a nationally registered historic landmark that reflects a time of prosperity in the Old South, as well as the hardships suffered during the Civil War. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Discover Adventure & Fun at Lake of the Ozarks Spend the summer at Missouri's State Parks Recreational adventure comes in all varieties at Ha Ha Tonka State Park and Lake of the Ozarks State Park at Central Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks. Hikers, cyclists, sightseers, horseback riders, campers, anglers, kids, boaters, and nature lovers of all ages can find a formula for fun among the borders of these two treasures of the state park system. Ha Ha Tonka State Park has 3,709 acres to explore and is home to one of the most fascinating sites and stories in Missouri: The ruins of a European-style "castle" perched high atop a bluff overlooking the Lake. The park features eight caves, some of which were used as hideouts by bandits and others were used as Native American sacred places. Other natural wonders at Ha Ha Tonka include a sinkhole called the Colosseum, a natural bridge sixty feet long and seventy feet wide, a glade and a woodland area with more than four hundred species of animal and plant life. Ha Ha Tonka is also home to Missouri's twelfth largest spring (named after the park)-which discharges approximately fifty-eight million gallons of water daily into the Niangua arm of the Lake. The Lake of the Ozarks State Park, on the Grand Glaize arm of the Lake, is the largest state park in Missouri. With an assortment of opportunities for both recreation and natural exploration, it's no surprise that Lake of the Ozarks State Park is not only Missouri's largest but-with more than one million guests annually-also one of its most visited. Read more... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ American Road Magazine | PO Box 46519 | Mt. Clemens | MI | 48046
  18. From all the staff at American Road magazine, we wish a safe and happy celebration for everyone!
  19. Sorry I missed this post earlier. Happy Belated B-Day Pat! Let me add our thanks for all that you do for the Forum! Hope this year is filled with many awesome road trips and fond memories of them! Best, Becky
  20. Hi there. Thanks for adding the event to our online calendar. We deactivated the calendar on the Forum so that events would all be listed in one main calendar - and open to everyone. Thanks Dave for helping Ezra find the submission form. I've been off the forum for a little while - due to deadlines. And we agree, the Lincoln Highway Conference is a great event!
  21. You are both so right! Off season does save some big $. I didn't think of it - because we virtually always travel at off peek times. One side benefit: places are less crowded, which typically means a much more pleasant travel experience. Its a win-win!
  22. Looking good! Glad to hear you're doing well.
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