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  1. There is still a small ferry near Leesburg, Va., crosses the Potomac River about 80 miles upstream of the DC area. Sounds similiar to the Kentucky ferry...like 4 car capacity. I was surprised it was still in service two summers ago.
  2. Anyone notice that the cut-out US 40 and state route signs are gone? No surprise there.....do any cutouts still exist on the highway? I doubt it.
  3. I meant on the right, as we look at it from the overhead.
  4. The thing I always wonder about, Jim, is why did a roadbed this short not get covered by the newer US 40? Made a nice driveway entrance for the people owning the house on the left though, huh...heh, heh.
  5. I wonder how many places there are in the US where US highways (interstates don't count here) were re-aligned due to recurring flooding? I guess engineers made their best guesses about water levels in the 1930's, 1940's or what have you. And perhaps they had to save money and took the shortest alignments and knew they were subject to flooding. We have US 10 and US 40. And my example at Youghigheny Lake might not be the only one on 40. Frank and Denny may know of others....
  6. The National Road/US 40 used to suffer from a similar phenomena in Somerfield, Pa..... I've seen pics of the old bridge that crossed Youghigheny Lake. It was underwater on some occasions. The newer bridge is built on a hillside and crosses the lake at a higher point. Did stop on one trip west, but it was night time and I couldn't see the old bridge's remnants of the old bridge...too dark.
  7. I'm bummed out here. Need to start travelling more evidently....heh, heh. Haven't been to one of these places.
  8. You know, Dave, you could change the climatic situation when you do get out of your driveway. Southern CA and Arizona are also warm this time of year. Just point the car south....;-)
  9. Wow, this thread started in the summer of 2006. Is the longest living thread on this forum..... Becky, Jennifer? But like I always say....the more the merrier. Everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
  10. No, you're all wrong. It's obviously a sign for the trees....lol.
  11. Yes, this does sound like a lot of fun for us roadies, Denny. Wish I had the time to take a three day weekend, drive to eastern Ohio on Friday and then drive back on Sunday. And my Dad lives only about 60 miles from the museum, too. But, I got a 400 mile trip from Delaware Matt Smallwood
  12. Oh, let me throw this one in. I think this is amazing road building....and it did save the mountainside on Grandfather Mtn. in western NC. It's called the Linville Cove Viaduct. http://www.pbase.com/image/69218913
  13. I've driven the Chesapeake Bridge/Tunnel round trip twice on trips to the NC Outer Banks from Delaware, Jim. It is interesting seeing how choppy the southern part of the Bay is. Word has it that two boats have slammed into the bridge in it's history....learned that on the Modern Marvels TV show....heh, heh. It has 2 two lane spans now. The tunnels are two lanes only in one tube....too expensive to build other tubes, I guess. As I recall, there are two short tunnels...only long enough to let large vessels over them, I assume.
  14. So, we know the Treasure Master is a man, Dave......re, the comment from Mary, the diner waitress....heh, heh. Are you keeping yourself incognito for future geocache adventures, Geo? And, hey, did anyone look for the cache, yet? Dave? Anyone? Don't have the funds to travel to the West Coast myself.
  15. I'm going to go out and guess it's Jennifer Bremer. Is it? Pat and Jennifer, did you guys take a road trip to the West Coast or are there other geocachers in the group? That would make good sense, exploring roads, burying things in parks and fields along the way......
  16. Is the cache located inside a National Park? Matt Smallwood
  17. I didn't know Airstream built RV's too, Denny...I thought they only built campers....color me surprised.
  18. I thought you were at first, Becky. I forgot that the message wasn't part of the newsletter. I'm glad it didn't disqualify me from asking another question in Round 1.....LOL. Thanks for the clarification, Becky.
  19. Wait, I just realized that the user "Geocacher" is NOT Becky? Am I correct?
  20. Okay, so has Round 1 begun yet, Becky? I want to ask a question so badly.......
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