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  1. The link below is a documentation of my trip along the southern route of the Yellowstone Trail this spring of 2013. This part of the trail is new to me and I tried to figure out the original route as best I could. I have read Mark and Dave's journeys throught this area to get a better idea of where to go. I know this segment has been posted before by them but I think each one of us who travels sees different things to share with others. You can visit the page at this link. http://www.sunset-hw.com/walla_walla_trip.htm Curt
  2. Great work Dave! Now I got to go and visit the park. Curt
  3. Hello I finally was able to go document and check on the condition of the route along the National Parks Hwy & the post 1925 route of the Yellowstone Trail. This as you all know is the Old Sunset highway from Wenatchee to Spokane. It was sunny most of the time and it was fun checking out the old route. The part of the Sunset Highway going through Quincy and across the ferry was not part of the Yellowstone trail. The Yellowstone Trail post 1925 used Blewett Pass, as it had become a viable route by then. I put up a page of my journey and you can view it at the below link. http://www.sunset-hwy.com/spokane_trip.htm Happy motoring Curt
  4. Hello Forum This weekend my wife and I took a trip over the old Yellowstone Trail / Sunset Hwy from Fall City to Vantage then up to Quincy to Wenatchee. The next day we continued to Waterville and on to the Moses Coulee. I will post more photos of our trip in the next week. We had a great time driving on the abandoned roadbed near Trinidad and I believe we found an old original wooden bridge just North of Trinidad. I will post the photo I got from the side of the road but unfortunately this bridge in on private property. I plan on asking the owner if we can drive down there to get closer photos. The old abandoned roadbed in the Moses Coulee was excellent. I read all the posts about it here and had to see it for myself. (Photos to come.) On our way back we took the newer route through Cashmere and then over Blewett Pass on our way home. When we came onto the Old Monitor Road on the way to Cashmere, we found an older alignment now called Careys Corner. On the other side of SR2 we found an old Indian cemetery alongside the old alignment. As my wife was looking at the graves I walked up to photo the old concrete road. As I looked down there it was, a dated slab! It was exciting to actually find one. I learned from reading the posts on this forum about the old concrete slabs being dated in places where they finished the days work. But to find one myself was really cool. I wanted to share my discovery with you. Curt http://www.ilwu19.com/sunsethwy/cashmere.htm
  5. I had to make a correction. I was up most of last night downloading maps so I got a little mixed up. The county records show that this stretch of Hwy from Preston to Fall City was graveled in 1923. The records show that the paving was done in 1926 with some repairs done in 1935 and 1936. The records I found on this bridge and others that have this pattern style all date in the late teens. Below is a link to what I found that I think it this bridge over the Raging river. The county dated this 1914. HTTP://www.ilwu19.com/sunsethwy/1914raging_river_bridge.pdf
  6. These photos were taken last saturday of an original bridge over the Raging River. There is a re-alignment around this section so it retains a stretch of original pavement that county records show was laid in 1926. here is the link to the photos. http://www.ilwu19.com/sunsethwy/raging_river.htm
  7. If you look at the map of where Maplewood Ave connects to Airport Dr. in Bellingham. You will notice the on and off ramps to the freeway are favoring Maplewood Ave. This is because as the freeway was being constructed and Maplewood Ave, was the Pacific Hwy. They linked the new freeway to Maplewood Ave as you can see in the map. HTTP://www.ilwu19.com/pacific_hwy/images/maplewood.jpg I like Maplewood Ave as it retains some old pavement. Here are some photos I took last summer. http://www.ilwu19.com/pacific_hwy/maplew1.htm
  8. This is the one place of the old Pacific Hwy 1913 brick pavement that you can still view. At the time of the photos there was construction to realign the curve. I hope that this piece of History is protected so more people can see it for themselves. the link will take you to the photos I took last summer. http://www.ilwu19.com/pacific_hwy/bothell.htm
  9. not sure if my map link is correct. Here is the link again. https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=215143630248322302759.0004acae2dd69399729c6&msa=0
  10. I have been working on the Sunset Hwy / Yellowstone Trail in Washington. So far I have come up with this map of the route from Seattle to Fall City. in the early days as you know the route used the Kirkland ferry from Seattle. In the 20's it routed through Renton. In 1925 the State added the Bothell route as an alternate. The route from Kirkland to Redmond had 3 routes from what I have found. The first one is the Old Redmond Road. After leaving the ferry you took a right onto State St and went South to SE 68th St and then continued East as it turned into 70th St. 70th St turns into Old Redmond Rd and continues into Redmond. Another route that I am not sure was ever built was the Kirkland Redmond Shortline rd. I have read that it was mapped but I am not sure if it was ever completed. I could use help on this. https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=215143630248322302759.0004acae2dd69399729c6&msa=0 This 3rd route is the one everyone knows about. It is the 1923 route East on SR 508 into Redmond. Once in Redmond the trail followed the accepted route to Union Hill Road which turned onto the Old Brick Rd. / SE196th Ave NE. I believe this road was used to circumvent the water from Evans Creek. I believe the old route continued south to NE50th St and turned East to connect with SR202. The newer Alignment was built by 1915 if I am correct. As you can see from my map the route it took in these early years. I have not validated this but from the maps I have seen the route followed Fish Hatchery rd. and went up the hill SE of the current alignment. The route you see today is the 1925 alignment. This is my theory of the route based on the maps, my personal trips and the topography. More to come
  11. I'm sorry. I forgot to say that it is in Seattle. Just drive down Columbia St toward 1st Ave and you will see this sign. It is very veiwable via google street view.
  12. Hello everyone! I am new to the group and wanted to say hi. I am glad to be part of this forum as it is great to be with like minded people who enjoy the history of the old highways. I am very fond of the Pacific Highway and since I live in Washington I am interested in the routes it took in my state. I have learned a great deal from this site and I enjoy the new discoveries posted here. I look forward to share and view many more discoveries. I wasn't sure what to start with so I picked this photo I took last summer from Columbia St and 1st Ave. I think it is the last sign in Washington that shows SR99 as US Hwy 99.
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