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  1. Thanks for the welcome! I just happens that I just got back from a road trip to St. George (UT) and back, including a lot of time in the "Arizona Strip" country--that's the part of the state north and northwest of the G.C. that you mention above. Visited Zion and the North Rim of the Canyon, of course! I love driving the 'old' US 89, which has been Alternate 89 for 50 years now, since Page and the Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge came into existence. Always love to stop at the Navajo Bridge over the Colorado at Marble Canyon and walk on the historic 1929 original bridge, which the current (1995) adjacent bridge emulates, in a more modern (wider!) fashion. Mike
  2. Seems to me that the more logical course of action would be for the eastern portions of both San Berdoo and Riverside counties to jointly break off from their respective jurisdictions and form a new Colorado River County. Although they would probably disagree on whether Needles or Blythe should be the new county seat... There is precedent for this here in AZ. About 30 years ago northern Yuma County broke away and formed a new county, La Paz (county seat Parker), for the same reasons: Too far from Yuma! It seems to be a recurring theme in our big, Northeast state-sized western counties. Look at Nye County, NV: Nearly all of the population is in the far southern town of Pahrump (home of Art Bell!), a long road trip from the tiny county seat of Tonopah. One must even leave and reenter the county to get from one to the other, thanks to "Area 51" being between them!