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  1. Last spring, the U-Drop Inn in Shamrock lost all of it's great neon to a storm. Has anyone heard if it has been replaced yet. They were planning on replacing it with LED lighting.
  2. Great Pictures Roadhound! How far of a walk is it to the bridge?
  3. Where are you planning on going? Streets & Trips is OK for Canada and Mexico.
  4. Here is what a Route 66 traveler had to say about the Ohio House on the Historic Route 66 Forum: The Ohio House was OK. But just barely. The rooms were clean but they are definitely showing their age. Our bedspread had a a couple of tears in it that had been stitched back together. Not a sign of a place that cares about the impression given to their guests. The woman that checked us in wasn't very friendly. She seemed to be bothered by the fact that we were interrupting whatever she was doing on her laptop computer. We also found the place a bit too noisy. Chicago drivers are IN LOVE with their car horns. I've never heard so much honking. I think a toot on the car horn is their way of saying F-you and they were saying it a LOT! Day and night. But, for $99 a night with free parking, we knew we weren't going to get the Hilton. Nobody in our group really complained about the Ohio House, except for the rude woman that checked us in.
  5. There is perhaps no rivalry as fierce as the Boston Red Sox - New York Yankees. However, it is not a fun rivalry like Cubs-Cardinals - they take it much to seriously. I happen to have a Yankees hat and made the mistake of wearing it in the Boston area and it was not well received. Although not as strong as it used to be, in the early days of the AFL, Kansas City - Oakland was a great rivalry with some great games.
  6. Forgot to mention - I haven't been to Chicago Heights for years but it is not the best part of town.
  7. There is also a Best Western just around the corner from the Ohio House. I'm guessing it is a step up from the Ohio House and it does have parking. The Ohio House and this Best Western are the only two lodging facilities I know of in the downtown area that have parking. I'm guessing you're not to excited about giving you '37 to a valet.
  8. Thanks Denny G. - We just happen to be in Kissimmee with nothing to do tommorrow so we'll give it a try. God Bless Travel Forums!!
  9. Both Best Western and Choice Hotels (Quality Inn, Comfort Inn., Clarion, etc.) issue credit cards that can be used to earn free nights. We usually manage to get two or three free nights each trip we take. AAA members can get a credit card that refunds 5% on gas purchases and at $4 per gallon, that adds up (That's the Automobile Club - not the other AAA.)
  10. Thanks for the welcome. I'm guessing you're the same Denny G I sometimes see on the Yahoo Group. Had the new neon at the Luna Cafe been lit when you went through Mitchell?
  11. Charlie

    Road Trip

    Here's a web-site you might find helpful in planning your time in PA Duth Country: http://www.bird-in-h..._country_motel/ This is one of several lodging locations owned by the Smuckers family. Guests of their motels can take a very nice complimentary tour through the country with stops at some Amish farms. A couple of great restaurants are The Bird In hand Family Restaurant and Good & Plenty. In Boston, I would plan on parking your car and taking guided tours or relying on public transportation. Not only is Boston very hard to find your way around but if you're lucky enough to find what you want, there's no place to park. From Niagara, you might consider finding you way to Watertown, NY and taking Highway 3 through the Adirondacks. You can then catch a ferry across Lake Champlain to Burlington, VT. Stowe, VY is a great place to visit. Along the way at Lockport, NY you can take a tour boat on the Erie Canal that's kind of fun. With the exception of Provincetown, I didn't find Cape Cod to interesting. I would agree with Denny G. that the northest states are overlooked as a great place to visit - they have everything, mountains, big cities and the sea shore. Have A Great Trip!!
  12. Thanks for the welcome! As to the 49 states, it really helps to be retired. For 22 years I could rarely take more than one week of vacation at a time so now I have the opportunity to make up for lost time.
  13. Thanks for the welcome. What is it about North Dakota - it was my 49th! Surprisingly, we really enjoyed it. The Roosevelt Badlands are really prettier than the better known South Dakota Badlands and the Medora Musical is great fun. We're only missing Hawaii and I don't like to fly but we might make it yet.
  14. Hi – I’m new to this Forum and have enjoyed perusing it prior to joining. My name is Charlie and my wife Ruth and I live in the St. Louis, Missouri area. I’m a retired international union officer and Ruth is a retired school teacher. We’ve both been retired for about 10 years and have traveled extensively since retirement. Most of our travel has been by car in North America and we’ve visited 49 of the 50 states – we’re missing only Hawaii. Our only non-road trip has been a 7 Day cruise of Alaska’s Inside Passage followed by a 10 Day road trip in upper Alaska. We’ve also done several Route 66 trips covering Springfield, Illinois to Santa Monica California. We’ve also made two trips to Canada, one to Banff/Jasper and one to Nova Scotia. The latter was perhaps our favorite trip.
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