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  1. From the album: Florida 2007

    One block north of US-84 in central Dothan is a marker for what they claim is the smallest city block, between Appletree, College and Troy streets. (31.2253,-85.3891)
  2. From the album: Florida 2007

    Dothan, Alabama prides itself on its peanut production. Their welcome center on US-231 (Ross Clark Circle) has a giant golden peanut out front. (31.2386,-85.4319)
  3. From the album: Florida 2007

    This statue of Vulcan overlooks the town of Birmingham, located just a few blocks west of US-31/US-280. If you drive up to the park to view him, all you can really see is a close-up of his buttocks. (33.4917,-86.7955)
  4. I've always thought the show does a good job in the segments they do. I am glad it is this program interested instead of the local network news--so at least it'll be a quality production. I'm curious and a little nervous about how they are going to portray me and what type of "angle" they will put to the story... We've been interviewed for magazines before, but TV is a little different. At least I plan on keeping my clothes on though, unlike the Santa segment! The Corvairs looked awesome! Chris
  5. I believe it is for their Across Indiana program, which is advertised as "Take a weekly journey across the cultural landscape of the Hoosier state. Host Michael Atwood and a team of award-winning producers explore the places, people and traditions that make Indiana a unique place to live and work. The program profiles interesting Hoosiers, from humble farmers to computer entrepreneurs and folk artists. Across Indiana blends heart, soul, humor and journalistic insight into a unique television program made by, and about, the people of Indiana." So my guess is that they are either profiling me or my group as fitting the "interesting Hoosier" with unique interests description. It looks like they have all of the segments viewable from the web site, so once it's aired, I can point you there. I assume those computers you mention were mainframes? IBM? The closest I got to punch cards was in middle school in 1985 our "computer" unit consisted of punching out our name on a perforated punch card. They sent them "downtown" to run them on the big computer and it produced a printout of what was on the cards. If it came back and our name was spelled right, we got a good grade. Not quite what I would call programming, though. At the time, I was programming Applesoft BASIC on my Apple ][e. Chris
  6. Yes... somehow I doubt that the video accurately represents the ordering of the sandwich. I'm still excited because our local PBS station is filming me for a segment this coming Tuesday. I'll keep you all informed as to how it turns out and when it will be on TV. Chris
  7. Thanks, Dave! You definitely have the passion! The video was a little disturbing, though. Just send the complete report to my reuben at rowlandweb e-mail and I'll let you know when it gets officially posted. Chris Reuben Realm
  8. I am a lifelong Hoosier, born and raised in Indianapolis. I attended Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana. I fell in love with maps before I turned 5 years of age--my Dad let me have a "Graphic Street Guide of Greater Indianapolis (in convenient book form)" when I was four and I remember tracking along our route to church or to Grandma's... Since then I have enjoyed sitting with maps and enjoying hours of hypothetical routing and research. I love planning road trips. I like to plan out as many details as possible in advance, with plenty of wiggle room to see the unexpected. I consider myself an amateur cartographer. I had two of my maps published by Wabash College back in the early 1990s and you can check out on-line: Crawfordsville, Indiana and Wabash College campus map. How I wish I would have had Google maps or even Terraserver back then... In 1994 I drove US-36 all of the way from Indianapolis to Denver--this is still one of my favorite routes. I've taken the stretch from Indianapolis to St. Joseph several times over the years. I've also enjoyed taking US-12 through Montana, South Dakota, and Minnesota. This past summer we took US-19 from Tallahassee to St. Petersburg, US-41 through the Everglades, US-1 from Miami to Key West. This fall we took US 40 from Cumberland, MD to Wheeling, WV. I'm hoping to get some photos from these journeys put into a gallery over the next few months or so. As for me, I am a computer programmer in my mid-thirties with two wonderful sons (8 and 11). So far they haven't shown much of an interest in maps and roads, but I don't want to force them. Another hobby of mine is reviewing Reuben sandwiches wherever I travel (Reuben Realm). I've got over 100 reviews and photos posted at the moment. My dream right now is to drive US-52 all the way from Indianapolis to the North Dakota/Saskatchewan border... maybe Summer 2008. Wherever we decide, I'll be sure to ask all of you for advice on what to see and any great reference material for whatever my destination. Thanks for the warm welcome, Chris Rowland
  9. Just download one of my "Reubens on the Road" review forms (Review Forms and fill it out. It's mostly subjective. I usually measure them and photograph them to get some stats, but when it comes to the letter grades for different categories, it's just up to the individual. I've had individuals and small groups get together and send in some reviews before. Just take some photos (one of the exterior of the restaurant, one of the Reuben and one of the dining area/diners if possible) and send in the rating form! Chris
  10. Haven't had major trouble with the Matrix yet--it's hard to start some of these cold mornings, though. I had to replace the brakes around 90,000. The rubber gasket on the driver's window is worthless--had it replaced under warranty and it's all torn up again. Never lost a wheel cover, though! I do wish it had a larger trunk though. For my family of four to travel, I have to install the roof rack to hold our suitcases. That cuts the gas mileage quite a bit. My other car is a 2000 Echo. I'm addicted to Toyotas, having also had over the years 3 Corollas, a Tercel and a pickup.
  11. I guess I'm on somewhat of a similar track. I actually am on a quest to review Reuben sandwiches and do so on my Reuben Realm web site. I've got 110 Reuben reviews posted so far. Next week, WFYI is scheduled to tape me for a segment on their Across Indiana television program. Chris
  12. Yes! It's our 2003 Matrix on US 16 heading west through Tensleep Canyon, west of Buffalo, Wyoming on our way to Yellowstone. This canyon is beautiful. My wife still talks about how amazing it was to drive through. We've got 102K miles on the Matrix now--on different trips we've taken it from Indianapolis as far as Portland, Oregon; San Antonio, Texas; Key West, Florida; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's been a great little car. Chris
  13. Thanks for the welcome! I'll write something up in the near future to add to the "introductions" thread... I did enjoy your photos of sites along the old highway alignments inside 465 in the "In The Loop" gallery. I did want to ask you further about the photo taken at what looks like Southeastern Avenue looking Northwest at the intersection with English and Rural... Your comment said "Old US 421: Intersection approaching downtown from the southeast. 421 angles left at this point and shares pavement with old US 52 (coming in from the right)." I wasn't sure what you meant by "421 angles left". Did that mean that 421 turned off of Southeastern onto English? I had always thought 421 kept straight up Southeastern until it hit Washington. Also, that traffic light is horrible because of the 6-way intersection. I came through that way yesterday morning during the "big" snowstorm and it took 3 or 4 cycles to get through that stop light. Other than that, Southeastern isn't such a bad way to get downtown. Chris
  14. I think you've got it. Have you been on Rockville Avenue under that bridge? Pretty cool. One of the pages you linked to earlier at the FHWA shows this to be correct: PPOO - Indianapolis to Chrisman You can see that this map shows both the PPOO and the railroad. You can watch Washington Street cross the railroad and then Rockville branch off and cross the railroad back again. You can even see the stub at that intersection of Holt Road. Pretty cool.
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