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  1. I heard back from the research librarian at the United Daughters of the Confederacy yesterday. She informed me that she was unable to find a list of all of the monuments, but she is mailing me some articles from their files about the Dixie Highway. I don't know if they reference any of the monuments (currently found or additional ones) or not. So for now at least, my highly unofficial count is 10 monuments: NC: NC/TN border, Hot Springs, Marshall, Asheville, Fletcher, Hendersonville and Tuxedo (NC/SC border) SC: Greenville FL: Bradfordville OH: Franklin Mike
  2. We did exactly as you described - we turned on OH-4/OH-73. We definitely do! I'd love to find that local guy and buy him a beer! We'll make it a point to hit Franklin and Cincinnati when you're in town and you can introduce us to your favorite watering hole. Or better yet, the Montgomery Inn for ribs! Mike
  3. Hi Denny, I must have driven right past the monument in Franklin on my way home from Michigan for Christmas and didn't notice it either. I took pictures of the NC/SC state line marker and the ones in Fletcher and Asheville this past weekend. I have pictures of downtown Marshall in my gallery from December and I completely missed the marker in front of the courthouse. I may drive back there this weekend if the weather is decent, then go on to capture the one at the NC/TN border. I've read the Wikipedia article on the Dixie Highway, but have never updated anything in Wikipedia as you suggest. What is the process? Also, I have been meaning to ask you about the route through Cincinnati. After Christmas we were heading south down Vine St. in Cincinnati, trying to get to the Roebling Bridge. We got to Central Parkway where we were forced off of Vine due to one-way traffic, and it was all downhill from there. Where should we have gone at that point? Even looking at Google Maps is unclear because it seems that the only road leading to the bridge is Race Street to Freedom Way, and it appears to be blocked by construction (or was at the time the photo was taken). Any ideas for my next trip through? Mike
  4. Hi Dave, I came across the first one (Hot Springs) online. I drive through that way often, and the funny thing is I have always noticed the monument. I was curious about what it said but could never read it from the road and I never stopped until last time. When I saw this one online it referenced others so I got curious and started searching via Google. I have never seen a list of these 10 all together. I have seen the seven NC monuments referenced and sometimes the eighth one in Greenville, SC is mentioned in the same breath. I visited the Daughters of the Confederacy web site but haven't contacted them directly yet. I may do that next. If there are any more at all, there may not be many. It was the NC chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy that launched this program with an idea that first came up in 1818. It apparently took them eight years to get the first plaques made and dedicated. An interesting side note is that there is a Civil War monument database on a NC government website (http://ncmonuments.ncdcr.gov/) that only appears to mention two out of the seven located in the state. Mike
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been taking pictures of the various Robert E. Lee / Dixie Highway monuments placed along the highway by the Daughters of the Confederacy in the 1920s and at least in one case, in the 1930s. It got me wondering whether there are still more out there that I haven't identified yet. These are the ones I know about: North Carolina 1. Near Hot Springs at the NC/TN border on US 25. 2. Hot Springs, NC on US 25. 3. Marshall, NC on Main Street in front of the county courthouse. 4. Asheville, NC in Pack Square in front of the Vance monument. 5. Fletcher, NC on US 25 in front of the Calvary Episcopal Church. 6. Hendersonville, NC on Business 25 (Church Street) behind the historic courthouse. (This one was moved from Main Street in front of the courthouse in 2008) 7. Near Tuxedo, NC at the NC/SC border. 8. Greenville, SC on N Main Street at Elford Street. Ohio 9. Franklin, OH at the intersection of the Old Dixie Highway and Hamilton-Middletown Road. Florida 10. Bradfordville, FL on Highway 319, just south of the Georgia border. Any others that you know of that I'm missing? I have pictures of the close ones except for #1, #3 and #8 so we might get those this weekend. I just don't want to drive all the way to #9 or #10 and find I passed others along the way. Mike
  6. Dave, That looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing! Mike
  7. Dave, Beautiful pictures. I wish we had gotten as close to the lighthouse as you did. We spent the night in Newport last summer as the starting point for our US-20 trip. Mike
  8. Thanks Cort! I look forward to seeing your collection too. I loved seeing the pictures of your rental car parked next to the various Monte Carlos you came across. Mike
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