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  1. .. road withdrawal, separated from my driving gig. Part of me wants to go back, part of me says I've had enough.

  2. .. did we miss "My Mother The Car" or those that appeared on "The Munsters" or Beverly Hillbillies"?
  3. .. in the garage temporarily.

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    Memorial Day Parade 2010 - Hightstown, NJ ... Go USA!!!
  6. A beautiful thing Alex! Wish I were there, ... Chris
  7. The 10 Most Collectible Photography Books of All Time Browse the list ... I think i can find room in my library for all of these. ... Chris
  8. That's real nice. Unfortunately in the Forum area, the AR Logo in the top banner gets covered up a bit by my member flag thingie. I'm running Firefox in Mac OS X.something. ... Chris
  9. Dave, I think your aside is the most interesting part of this question. You want Anthropological study, rather than the aforementioned Engineering Department. I for one, enjoy the Library of Congress' collection of hand-drawn Panoramic maps. But that's me. I often Google the text ... "library.edu" ... then after a few days, I come up for air with a big grin on my face and a few extra creases in the old gray matter. Good times! ... Perhaps you want to try "maps library edu" and then contact your favorites from those results? "This might seem, to the uninitiated, a close approximation to work." ... Chris
  10. A Castle in Every Heart: The Arto Monaco Story PBS - 1 hr - Biography The life and work of Arto Monaco, the theme park pioneer and Adirondack legend behind the creation of Santa's Workshop and The Land of Make Believe. ______________________________________ I just saw the end of this program on PBS and will have to catch the repeat. There are a couple clips I found here ... ... Chris
  11. Hi Dave, The marker lights should be CFL's or LED's these days. Not that giant fish-bowl! Mike used a big paint brush when he had to climb down through a series of man-holes to paint the inside and very bottom of one of the towers .... guess what color! Tough gig!
  12. Dirty Jobs TDC-HD - Tue, 11/10, 7:00 PM 1 hr (check your local listings) "Bridge Painter"Repeat, 8/07/2007, Reality, Documentary Mike and the crew stop at the 5-mile-long Mackinac Bridge in Michigan to film the refurbishing project to prepare the bridge for its 50th birthday. The crew dons hard hats to paint the bridge's cables, which are more than 500 feet above the water. Anyone know "Stan the Man"? ... Chris
  13. Thanks Alex, seems to be over on Hulu as well. http://www.hulu.com/great-american-road-trip It's inspiring to say the least! ... Chris
  14. Indeed! I hope to dig into those lost WPA files for more. That stuff always piques my interest. http://memory.loc.gov/wpaintro/wpahome.html ... Chris
  15. Here's a story from the lost WPA files, that mixes two of my favorite things – Anthropology and food, … another choice interview by WHYY's Radio Times' Marty Moss-Coane. Thursday 5/14/2009 – Hour Two Author MARK KURLANSKY takes us back to the days before we relied on a highway system, chain restaurants and refrigeration to get and prepare our food. His new book "The Food of a Younger Land," relies on writings from the Federal Writer's Project of the 1930's to describe the nation's food when it was seasonal, regional and traditional. Listen to the mp3 www.bn.com
  16. Great stuff as usual Dave, Do you by chance subscribe to the "V Line" e-newsletter? Within it, or on the web site http://www.vscc.co.uk/vsccweb/ are some terrific event poster images for download. You might print those miniature posters for decoration around a certain miniature race course we know of. I collect those images and the free previews from AllPosters.com, then print and attach them to the magnets that they sell at the big red box office supply store for use on business cards. They make terrific refrigerator art. Drive on ... Chris Moore
  17. Punkin Chunkin 2008 Thu, Nov 27, 9:00 PM (EST) Run Time: 60 min. SCIENCE - CHANNEL Genre: Science Teams gather in Delaware for the annual pumpkin-launching competition. This is one of my favorite TV programs all year!!! Well worth a road trip someday. ... Chris
  18. Indeed, Happy 71st! Tell your daughter, the Fire Department said thank you.
  19. During the call-in portion of the show, I noticed people reminisced about taking trips in everything from a brand new 59 Buick wagon, to a late model Ford Exploder. So no, family road trips are not dead. Just snuffed out a bit, with the current gas prices. My vacation plans were altered quite a bit this season. Who'da thunk I would ever be excited by gas at $3.58/gal here in Joisey! ... Chris
  20. Really good NPR "Radio Times" program I heard yesterday, via Podcast. "With record-high gas prices the family road trip may be a relic from the past. We take a trip down memory lane and look at the history of the middle-class family summer vacation when the parents and kids piled into the car and traveled along the hiways and byways of a post-WWII America. Our guest is SUSAN SESSIONS RUGH author of "Are We There Yet? The Golden Age of American Family Vacations." . . . " Listen to this show via Real Audio
  21. I agree with you on the simplicity. Not too disimilar from other cars of the late 40's and early 50's. I'm fond of the late 30's myself. Specifically 1937 for some reason. . . . but I'll save that topic for another day. I can share 3 more pictures of that Nash, from a gallery I made a few years ago. The massive scale of this thing is what impressed me the most. Also the paint scheme and general condition are terrific! Thanks again, ... Chris
  22. Thanks for those, I enjoy seeing them. The photo labeled "Bathtub", is a 1951 Nash Statesman. The owner has brought it to our local cruise night a couple times. I think it is a beautiful thing. And a very rare piece, IF you've got the garage to hold it. That car is just HUGE!!! . . . I once helped guide him as he backed into a tight parking space. There is just no seeing out the back of that car!
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