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  1. Well, I just had to log in again. So yeah, I would say that my solution did not work and the problem is still there. Either that or something changed the cookie settings back to the way they were before, which wouldn't surprise me at all. I've stayed with IPB 2.1.7 for a reason... Every version after it is too quirky and bloated for my taste. Instead of fixing known problems, they just added new ones. Which is not a very good way to "improve" software.
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks. And I am. Sort of... It's been a wonderful year, but I didn't think it would be. I'm diabetic, and a couple of days after last Christmas I went for an A1c test and the results were horrible. It was 10.4%, when the previous one had been 10.3%. That's a percentage of how much of my blood had "Glycosylated". My Doctor made a comment about it that kind of shook me up a bit. He simply said "It's been nice knowing you" and left it at that. Add to that the fact that my Mother and older Sister had both died of diabetic complications at age 52, and my 52nd birthday was less than a month later that served as a wake up call. If I didn't do something I would end up joining them in the graveyard. I didn't care for that idea very much so I decided it was time to get with the program. I started eating a more balanced high protein, low sugar, low fat, low carb diet, and riding my bicycle every day. I started losing weight almost immediately, so my Doctor cautioned me not too do too much too fast. He said I should not "starve my nerves". I have neuropathy in my feet and he said if I did that I would regret it, so I should limit it to losing about 3 to 5 pounds a week. I had been riding about 15 miles every morning and losing about 10 pounds a week, so I cut back to 7 miles a day. And that worked. I have been losing 5 pounds a week most of the time. Sometimes I go back up a bit and then have to make up for it later. When I started riding every day I weighed 310 and I've lost 45 pounds. Now I weigh 265. I just went for my last A1c test about a week ago. This time it was 6.4%, just 1\10th of a point above the high end of what the lab that does my blood work calls the "Normal Range". That is the best it's been since I was diagnosed as a diabetic three years ago. My average blood glucose was in the 250 to 300 range this time last year. Now it is in the 80 to 130 range. On January 16th I will turn 53, and it looks like I will live to see it after all. Yeehaw!
  3. If anyone is still having problems, it sometimes helps to delete the old cookie set by the board and have the board make a new one. On the index page near the bottom of the page just above the "Board Statistics" box, you will see a link labeled "Delete cookies set by this board". Clicking on that link will delete the old cookie on your computer, and log you out. When you log back in again make sure you've checked the "Remember Me" box, and the next time you open the forum you will still be logged in. (Assuming of course that you didn't log out when you left the last time you were here.)
  4. So did anyone try my suggestion? Has anyone even read it? Hello? Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?
  5. Hi Kids, Remember me? I popped in a few times last year I think it was... I still do now and then just to read some of your road stories. I have been running IPB forums since before IPB even became IPB, back in the Ikonboard days. I believe your cookie settings may be the reason why the board is not "remembering people". However, the latest version I am familiar with is IPB 2.1.7 as after that I haven't been keeping up with the updates anymore. Assuming that this part of it has not changed all that much, which it may have but here goes anyway, open your ACP and go to the TOOLS & SETTINGS tab, and in the list of System Settings find and open Cookies. On that page (assuming it hasn't changed all that much since 2.1.7) you should see three fields. The first one should be labeled Cookie Domain. In that field type: .americanroadmagazine.com. The second field should be: Cookie Name Prefix. You can make this just about anything you like, but I would suggest something short like am_road_cookie_. The trailing _ is optional, but for clarity I think it's important, so I recommend you add it there for when someone sees the cookie on their system they can readily see what it is when they look in it. The third field is: Cookie Path. I always leave this field blank. Press the Update Settings button to save the changes and hopefully your board's memory will have improved. By the way, what happened to your old forum skin? It should have been easy to update along with the new version...
  6. Elvis has left the building. Thank ya. Than ya very much.
  7. I used to be an Administrator on a forum named PC Pitstop, which is a support forum for the PC Pitstop diagnostic test website, but also for PC users to get help with a variety of PC issues. Both the website and forum are very busy sites. Elsewhere on the Internet is a website named PC PitStop. Notice that the only difference in the name is the capital letter S in PC PitStop. It seemed pretty obvious to us that this site was created after the PC Pitstop site, because the only difference in the address of the two websites was a hyphen in pc-pitstop. But due to the fact that it was basically just an online computer parts store, and not the same type of website the owners decided that the name of that site didn't harm PC Pitstop in any way, so they didn't worry about it. Later a website that was also named PC Pitstop appeared on the Internet. This one however, while basically an online computer store like the other one, was using the PC Pitstop logo that the owners had paid someone to design and had a registered US Copyright on, thus it was a case of Copyright Infringement. Even though the type of business was different, they were clearly using the PC Pitstop logo without the owners permission. So the owner contacted them, made a few threats about legal action if the logo was not removed, and after awhile they changed it to one of their own. I don't know if they made one themselves or if they "used" someone else's image, but the Copyrighted PC Pitstop logo was removed as requested. So I would say that unless this other website does the exact same thing as American Road, and or they have taken and used any Copyrighted material that belongs to American Road, I wouldn't worry about it. But if they have... Git a lawyer and go git 'em!
  8. Yes, indeed. Malta, Illinois. The Great Wide Spot on Illinois SR 38. Blink as you drive by and you'll miss it.
  9. I always liked Barn Signs. They're links to days gone by... Here's a shot of one of my favorite ones. It's in Siskiyou County, California just south of Yreka along Interstate 5.
  10. Well, I claim DeKalb as my hometown quite often, even though it actually isn't. I'm from Malta, which is about 6 miles west of DeKalb on Illinois SR 38. But very few people have ever heard of Malta, and DeKalb is more widely known. The reason I was looking for that photo was I wanted to make a joke. A friend of mine just bought a house in southern California and posted on our forum that he had done some strange painting thing to one of the rooms. So I made a joke and said "Well, I guess that means your Cable is hooked up now. You've been watching HGTV again." So then he says that is one of the few channels him and his wife watch a lot. He said he had picked up a lot of money saving tips on there. I guess if I had just spent $500,000.00 on a house I would watch it too. Then he said "Wait until you see what the dog house is going to look like." So I was going to post the picture of the Little House and say "I can imagine..." If you've ever seen it, the Little House isn't exactly your run of the mill kid's playhouse. It's a beautiful Victorian house, albeit a bit on the small side. I really wish I could remember where I saw it last month... And yes, as I was telling Jennifer, I do have a lot of stories. (Some of which I won't mention here, there bein' Ladies present and all...) I have traveled a lot. And I do have some of those lines on my face too.
  11. You like road stories, eh? Well, you're right. I do have lots of 'em. I traveled for over 3\5th's of my life, and because I spent summers with my Grandparents every year when I was a kid, you could just about say I grew up in National Parks because they were both National Park Service Rangers. My Grandmother was a Naturalist and my Grandfather was a Law Enforcement Ranger. (Aka a "Pine Pig"...) So as a result of all that I've got road stories about hikes, bicycle trips, car trips, train trips, bus trips, plane trips, hitch-hiking trips, you name it. But after 25 years of being on the road with bands, some of my best stories come from being in bands. So here's one for ya that ties into the "Road" theme. (I don't want to break any rules here, I'm a new member...) We had been playing a series of end of the season parties at the various employee recreation halls in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and we were on our way back to California. As usual on the last Sunday of the month, I called our agent to see what our schedule was going to be for the next month. He told me what it would be and I wrote it all down, got the addresses and phone numbers of all the clubs, etc. Then he asked me if I wanted to do a show in Reno for a private party on our way back to San Francisco. I asked him what the deal was because were spend a lot of time in Nevada, and I didn't want to do a 30 week run at that particular time. Those gigs were great when you were tired and needed a break from the road but still needed to work, but they paid less than weekly or one night gigs. He said it was for some casino owner's wife, and he didn't know what the occasion was, but it paid double our normal fee. And it was half the normal show, just two hours. I couldn't pass that up so I said ok. We get there and go to do a sound check and since this casino was right on Interstate 80, the CB radios from trucks gave us a lot of trouble. It was right out the front door of the club, maybe an 1/8th of mile away, and the CB signals (aka Radio Frequency Interference, or RFI) were really strong. Every time a trucker would say something on his CB, it would blast out of the PA. Our soundman tried his best to get rid of it, but couldn't do it. The owner of the club said he was used to it because it happens all the time and not to worry about it. We were too picky about the sound for that so we kept trying to figure out a way to block the signals. We came to the conclusion that it was because of our wireless transmitters for the guitars picking up the radio signals, so we decided not use them that night, and used regular guitar cords instead. Which is a pain, I hate tripping over guitar cords and being tied to one spot on the stage. I like to walk around freely. But if a truck with really powerful CB signal came by, it was really loud. So we did that and didn't hear the CB signals anymore so we thought it was going to work fine and got ready for the party. All the way through the show I didn't hear a single CB. So I thought the cord thing had actually worked. We had done our entire show and it came to the last song. We always played a song called "Home In My Hand" by Foghat for the last song of the show which is a song about a guy hitchhiking across country, his "home" being his backpack. Towards the end of the song there is a part where the guitar player in Foghat lets the guitar feedback and make all these screechy sounds for a few seconds, then the drummer hits the last few notes and it ends with the "big rock and roll ending". It has a false ending in it before it actually ends, and that makes it easy to add a jam to the song without messing it up, which is why we always liked to play it last. The crowds like that sort of thing. So were up on stage and we've played most of the song, I'm standing there in front of my amp playing the screechy feedback part, and all of a sudden this really loud "BREAK 1-9 FOR A WESTBOUND" comes booming out of the PA. The drummer plays the last notes and we end the song. The crowd loved it. We were all cracking up laughing. The only RFI that happened all night came at the most perfect time. It fit in perfectly with the song, and the crowd thought it was part of the show.
  12. Oooooohhhh... Nice prize! I have that DVD set, and it's the kind.
  13. Well, there you go bein' logical and all... Yeah, you're probably right. I still play guitar, and I of course still believe in freedom, first and foremost. But ever since I "retired" I work just as hard, if not more so at times, doing volunteer work. The thing is though, the rewards of doing that sort of thing far outrweigh any paycheck! I have found I get a much better "warm fuzzy" from helping someone than I ever did by entertaining them. Although I do still feel the need to crank it up and let the neighbors know I still live next door now and then.
  14. "Global Space Left" refers to the amount of space left for you to upload and post attachments. I have never seen it as a global setting for all members in a particular member group though, so in my opinion, IPS misused the word "global" in this particular case. The board Administrator decides how much space members of each member group get, and sets it accordingly in the member group settings in the ACP. Once that is done and you start uploading files, your "personal" (as opposed to "global") amount goes down with each file you upload. You can delete old attachments by opening My Controls, then scrolling down to the Options section in the menu on the left and clicking on Manage Your Attachments. As a general rule, I use Photobucket for misc. images, etc., and I only attach files that are very important. But if you run low on space for attachments, you can recover some space by deleting old attachments. I usually start with attachments that were used in PM's first, as they are the least likely to still be needed.
  15. After reading that, all I can say is... "I don't think so." California has approximately 37.5 million people and the 8th largest economy in the world as of 2006. (Source) When you have a $1.6 Trillion economy and exports totaling $117 billion (in 2005), you need highways. As the old saying goes, "America moves by truck" and trucks need highways. But America also moves by trains, ships, and cargo planes. All of which are plentiful in California. Have no fear, highways are not going anywhere in California. Wait a second... That didn't come out right. Well, you know what I mean...
  16. Howdy Hi, As I said in the brief note the Administrator asked for when I registered, I actually registered to tell you folks about an IPB mod I thought you might like. It's a member map program that has general outline maps of the main continents included in the download archive. I made several maps to add to it, such as a good number of individual countries, all the US States, Canadian Provinces, etc. However, if you were to set them up right, by applying the proper color palette to the images (which I of course included) you could make almost any image into a usable map. Thus if you found some nice high quality images of highway maps, you could use them as the maps, and the members of your forum could place a pin on one of the maps to indicate their location, their favorite spot, etc. This mod and a number of others are available for free at The Perfect Page. As I said in that brief note, it isn't my intention to spam your board or make a lame sales pitch. Yes, we do have a couple of mods for sale, but we don't push them on anyone. The majority of our mods are free and we support them all. We also have a number of interesting IPB "tweaks" posted on the forum. So if the Administrator here is interested in this mod, stop on by and visit us at The Perfect Page. You can see how the member map is set up with the outline maps I mentioned. Then you can imagine how it would look if you used your own maps. Because in my opinion, this forum is an ideal candidate for a map mod like this. If you have someone on your staff who is good with images, you could end up with a nice addition to your forum.
  17. I don't see an introductions forum, so I guess this one will do... I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My friends call me Ax. I'm a Retired Hippie Guitar Player living on U.S. Highway 101 in good old Humboldt County, California, in the heart of Redwood Country. Last night I was searching Google for a photo of the Little House at the Ellwood Mansion in DeKalb, Illinois and came across this forum. Unfortunately, I never found the photo of the Little House I was looking for. I saw it last month so I know it's on the Internet somewhere, but I didn't copy it when I had the chance. Oh well... After 20 some odd years on the road with various bands, I have been on just about every highway in America. I have a few favorites, such as U.S. Highway 101 and a few others. But the one dearest to my heart is U.S. Highway 66, particularly in Arizona. I used to be an avid cross country bicyclist, and have ridden all of it except the section between Kingman, Arizona and Needles, California. I also have an affinity for U.S. Highway 89. I have not ridden the entire highway, but I have covered some of the more interesting sections, such as the parts that pass through Utah's Color Country and Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. So you know... Hello!
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