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  1. I experienced the same problem ten years ago, spent a few days in the hospital getting adjusted to my stent, and have had no real problems since. At the time I thought life as I knew it was a thing of the past but it wasn't. Hang in there with a positive "spirit"; you've got lots of roads to explore and miles to ride.......Bliss
  2. I did some temp work for GE about 10 years ago and as I recall, a share of common stock was going for about $54 at the time. I think it closed yesterday around $19 and even at that price, it was an "up" day for the stock. There may have been a split in the last 10 years, however, of which I am unaware. Anyway, I noticed a local Shell yesterday which had a $2.49 price posted....Bliss
  3. I love this kind of stuff! On a related note, check another "road under water" from Tombstone's site. We have walked and explored both sides of the lake with Steve and others....Bliss http://www.ilrt66.com/sub66.htm
  4. Alas, I'm now required to wear glasses when I drive....Bliss
  5. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the festival - especially the Friday night 66 street cruise. New forum member Tombstone, aka Steve, is a 66 buff and likes all 2 laners. Has some great photos and info on his web site: http://www.ilrt66.com/ He's originally from Springfield, IL and got his Tombstone roadie "handle" one day several years ago in Springfield while guiding us through the cemetery to see Lincoln's tomb. He became hopelessly lost and made several laps through the cemetery before finding the tomb. I was given my Bliss "handle" that same day. Before going to the cemetery, our cars were parked in the Sherman 66 pocket park and we were discussing which route to use when we left the park. I looked at the green street sign over the intersection next to the park and suggested that we take Bliss Avenue and made the suggestion more than once. Everyone howled because those with better vision pointed out the sign actually read, BL-I55 (Business Loop I-55). Sigh.....Bliss
  6. That would be worth finding, Pat. When we auctioned Mom's house about 5 years ago the sale included several of my childhood steel toys and one small truck, for example, brought $150. Almost to Denison, here's a shot entering the outskirts of town. Denison is much larger than I imagined and I was curious to see the town where the mom of one of my best kid friends grew up. Big Blue and I got a "thumbs up" from the local cops who pulled up beside us....Bliss http://americanroadmagazine.com/forum/inde...=si&img=428
  7. Yep, it felt like 1925 at times on this motor tour. Here's a road and landscape shot heading west to Denison. Imagine being at this spot during one of Iowa's winter snow storms....Bliss http://americanroadmagazine.com/forum/inde...=si&img=427
  8. Here's a rainroof shot of the old LH between Jefferson and Denison. This was the longest leg of the motor tour. Very enjoyable.....Bliss http://americanroadmagazine.com/forum/inde...=si&img=426
  9. After we left Jefferson on our way to Denison we then cruised through a typical IA small farm community which I believe to be Scranton. I really enjoyed seeing these little burgs....Bliss http://americanroadmagazine.com/forum/inde...=si&img=425
  10. I posted the above yesterday but didn't see it today in the "view new posts" section which is why I'm replying to myself with another shot of Jefferson. This one is the west side of the downtown courthouse square.....Bliss http://americanroadmagazine.com/forum/inde...=si&img=424
  11. Turns out that next Saturday, the 4th, is out for us also. The COR Bridge is having a car show event that's going to be held on the bridge itself and our son is showing 'Lil Red, who has been repainted and detailed to the max. Told him I would show up for some pics. The following Saturday would be okay but it sounds as if there aren't enough commitments so I suggest you postpone the cruise until next spring....Bliss
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