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Convertables And Maps

Keep the Show on the Road!



Becky has asked that moderators create a blog to test the blog feature on the forum site. Just as I lack knowledge of forums, I lack knowledge of blogs. I don’t generally read them, and I don’t have one….except here. So this is a blog from a non blogger, non twitterer, who you won’t find on facebook or my space. If I violate the conventions of blogs…..live with it.


So what do I want to blog “at” you? I have no idea. But I’ll try to stay with road related stuff.


I bought a used convertible last week, so I can travel the roads in the sunshine and breeze. And it looks sporty in the driveway!


I have owned half a dozen convertibles. This one is a “Florida Special,” big, with lots of body twisting over railroad tracks. It is what would be called an old man’s convertible, not the kind of machines that Denny or Dave Reese have. But put the top down, crank up the stereo with some good 50’s sounds, and cruise town a little, and you are “back in the 50’s again.”


I told Sheila that the first day I had it, I got a thousand dollars of pleasure out of it.


Then the next day I went through a construction zone with some great rock on full volume, and got the high sign from the girl flaggers. :rolleyes: I haven’t had that much female attention in 20 years! :rolleyes: Another $1000! Keep that up and the car will pay for itself in a month.


Berwyn Andrus has been sending me more material concerning his father Dolph. Dolph was quite the road adventurer! Even in his eighties he was out where he shouldn’t have been….getting stuck. It has been a real pleasure to read what Dolph and Irene (his wife) wrote about Utah in the “old days.”


One of the things he sent was a more detailed map of the Monumental Highway. Dolph prepared it but it was never published because it was more detailed than the Good Roads people needed, or Hopkins thought was necessary. It is a large file, but you can download or view it HERE.


OK, Becky, that is my first “blog!” Or is that a blog? What now? Should I focus on maps instead of “personal” experiences? Testing…..testing….. :)


Dave (Keep the Show on the Road)




Recommended Comments

Howdy Dave! I definitely want to see a pic of your new ride! The blog: you can focus on whatever you want. Personal experiences are really great. Your maps - awesome! We want folks to think of the blogs as a great place to share American Road trip memories, thoughts about travel, etc. The only thing we are asking of people is that they keep the blogs family friendly (just like we do the Forum). And, we want to keep in mind that we don't want to lose steam on the Forum - so, linking to your blog in the Forums is a great strategy. I see the blogs as a little more personal than the Forum. What do you think?

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