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Celebrating our two-lane highways of yesteryear…And the joys of driving them today!
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Northwest Mom And Pop Lakeside Lodges

Sheila and I enjoyed a National Parks fall tour a couple of weeks ago, but I have not posted much of the trip. Other activities have intervened, including the rediscovery of Spencer on the National Parks Highway (see posts on the forum).   Our National Parks tour took us through Rainier, Glacier, and the North Cascades, and of course we stayed on the two lane roads. Interestingly, the highlight of the trip wasn’t any of the parks. Don’t get me wrong….all three are breathtakingly beautiful

Convertables And Maps

Becky has asked that moderators create a blog to test the blog feature on the forum site. Just as I lack knowledge of forums, I lack knowledge of blogs. I don’t generally read them, and I don’t have one….except here. So this is a blog from a non blogger, non twitterer, who you won’t find on facebook or my space. If I violate the conventions of blogs…..live with it.   So what do I want to blog “at” you? I have no idea. But I’ll try to stay with road related stuff.   I bought a used con
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