Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire

If you are a presidential candidate in the New Hampshire primary, you eat at local diners. And the diner in New Hampshire’s largest city is the Red Arrow. This classic custom-built, twenty-four-seat eatery proudly displays brass name plates that indicate where each presidential hopeful has rested his or her derriere while enjoying some local fare and chatting with voters on the campaign trail…

The Red Arrow opened in 1922 and was one of four eateries in Manchester founded by David Lamontagne. It is now owned by Carol Lawrence. The name originated from the large red arrows on the diners’ signs and had nothing to do with the Red Arrow of comic book fame. In fact, the diner opened nineteen years before the character appeared in print. That’s not to say the Red Arrow doesn’t have its own super sidekick. Its mascot is Moe Java, an anthropomorphic coffee mug painted on plates and drawn in neon on the walls. Moe first appeared in New Hampshire magazine in 2006, a reminder that when the candidates, press, and pundits leave town, the Red Arrow returns to its roots as a terrific American neighborhood eatery.

**Please note: The Red Arrow Dinner is temporarily closed**