Maine Diner in Wells, Maine

If you find yourself traveling down U.S. Route One in Maine, you’re going to want to check out Maine diner. This diner is acclaimed to have “world-famous food like grandma used to make.” After all, what could be better than down-home seafood and iconic Northeastern breakfast grub on the gorgeous coast of Maine?

The eatery was originally a pet project of Socrates “Louie” Toton, a Boston restaurateur who retired to Wells in 1953. Current owner Richard “Dick” Henry tells us, “He was mostly interested in working in the garden. He didn’t even open in the summer. It was a hobby, obviously, because [that’s] the only time you can make money here.” When Louie passed away, he left  the diner to his sisters—who had no interest in the restaurant business.

Fortunately, someone nearby did. Dick and his two brothers—Myles, who worked across the street at the still-operating Bull and Claw seafood and steak house, and Bruce—pooled their resources, and raised enough money to buy the diner and the adjoining house (now a gift shop) in 1983. “The only way we were able to afford it is that the house came with it. So we had housing and we had food, and we paid ourselves $50 a week,” Dick says.

We encourage you to experience this one-of-a-kind diner for yourself. Their menu is extensive, so everyone is sure to find something that makes their mouth water! From hash, blueberry pancakes, fresh lobster quiche, biscuits for breakfast to crab cakes, wraps, seafood sandwiches, and so much more, everyone is certain to leave satisfied. Get back on the road with a full belly from this charming Northeastern diner. It’s a must-visit diner on U.S. Route One. It’s sure to live up to it’s great reputation and leave you itching to visiting again very soon!