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Old Town Mayer, Az

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One block off the main highway 69 to Prescott and only 8 miles from the I 17 and 69 turnoff, Mayer, AZ the geograpphic heart of Arizona, is a small town america town of the West. Historical houses are tucked away throughout part of the town but the downtown "old town" portion is located at 12780 Central Avenue. Well worth a look. The red brick building housed a saloon, dancehall, mercantile store, and barbershop when built. Across the street is the old white hotel and two doors down the red brick "cribs" or brothel. the old bank and post office are there too. the town is small population about 1400 and a slow drive about will show you it's historic flavor. the town is please dnot to have become commercialized and is still small town America where children can ride their bikes down its main street. There is no restaurant but info on the compimentary coffe shop with sweeties and cool drinks with microwaveable sandwhiches or two is a joy. For info and pics go to www.bigbugstation.com and check out bigbugblog or go to www.bigbugnews.com and click on "blogs" up in the header for another gander at our local color.[/size]


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Hi Barbara (AKA “Eskimo Nell”)


Welcome to the American Road Forum! And anyone who recalls Sky King, let along secret decoder rings, is my kind of person!


Your blog is great and it looks like you are doing life up right!


I visited the websites you suggest and found them interesting! And “main street” Mayer looks like a turn of the century Arizona town, except the road is two lanes and paved. I have added a link below to more photos of the town.




It looks like an “undiscovered” gem…at least “oldtown.” I’m guessing that the modern stuff is along the highway.


Keep us posted as you (or whoever is doing the website) gets it finished. I encourage you (them) to add more photos of the buildings and highway, as the few City Data photos are intriguing, but leave me wanting to see and learn more.


I'm searching for the teens and 20's descriptions of the road through Mayer. I note it was pretty rough in 1920. If I spot anything worth sharing, I'll post it. All it mentions thus far is the Post Office, but I haven't located the 1913 guide yet.


Again, welcome aboard!


Keep the Show on the Road!




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