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Your display name vs. your User ID

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Is there a difference between my display name and my User ID?

Yes and no (yep, another one of those ambiguous answers!).


As a new member, the answer is yes, they are the same. You log in to the forum with your user ID, and that will be how your display name is shown in your posts.


OK, if they are the same at first, how do they get to be different?

You can leave your User ID alone, if that is how you wish your name to be displayed (ex. iloveUS99) However, if you want your actual name (ex. Bill or Bill Smith) to be displayed or anything other than your user ID, then you can change it as follows:


-After logging on to the forum, browse to My Controls.

-On the left side of the screen, under Personal Profile, click Change Display Name.

-On the next screen, in the appropriate boxes, type in the name as you wish it to be displayed, and type in your forum password.

-Click Continue.


Will this change my User ID too?

No. This will only affect how your name is displayed next to your posts, but will not change your User ID.


Can I change my display name as many times as I want?

No, currently you can only change your display name once every 365 days.


What if I changed my display name and I made a mistake, don't like it or want to go back to using my User ID as my display name?

Please contact a forum Administrator (not moderator) and we will be happy to assist you!

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