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I'm one of those people who forgot to take a step back when the word "moderator" came up and now I am one. "Trip Planning" sounded like one of the forums that I'd be following closely and Jennifer made sure I had a front row seat.


I've planned a few trips myself (and enjoyed more unplanned ones) but haven't begun to approach the point where I consider it a science. I saw the title of this forum and figured it would be a good place to learn how others are planning routes, pre-picking some stops, and then following those routes and getting to those stops. Modern mapping software and GPS units are wonderful things but they aren't exactly tailored to roadies. They'll get you from point to point and probably let you select whether you'd like to minimize time or distance. They might even offer to pick a scenic path for you. But they're not much help in finding the 1930 alignment of US-66 through Illinois or how the Lincoln Highway once traversed Nevada. And they're not likely to tell you that the world's largest collection of used lighter flints is only twenty miles out of the way let alone how to get there. Yet some of us/you manage to find those alignments, actually follow large pieces of them, and visit some of the world's largest things. I'm thinking that how we do that is kind of what this forum is about.


Of course, others might have their own ideas of what "Trip Planning" means and I'm not so much trying to guide discussion as to start it. Moderating an empty forum is easy but not very interesting.

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Hi Denny,


We are pleased you accepted the call for moderator...we have utmost confidence in your ability to lead the forum! I'll be glad to throw my two cents in on how I plan a trip in a separate topic.

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