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Adding Photos to a Post

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To add a photo to a post, find the "File Attachments" link below your post area, then browse to a photo on your local computer.


Make sure the file size is below 500K (preferably below 250K, and 800 X 600 ppi).

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Guest GraceInTransit

I'm finding that my images are too large, so I've ended up uploading them to flickr. In this case, I'm able to drag (copy/paste the image's url) into my post within the forum. So one dose not have to actually attach images here, unless they want to.


To post image via off site image storage server, locate the greenish square in the second/lower tool tray. Click and paste the image's url or link. However, sites like photobucket links can be confusing to use, and don't often have the correct linked data. Always test the link (preview) before posting the topic/comment.

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