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Anyone have any suggestions for a scenic route from the Poconos (Mount Pocono area) to Pittsburgh? Also any good places to eat along the way? Especially somehwere that does fish well (and nice desserts are always a plus). Thanks!


U S 30 is the best way to go as it takes you into Pittsburg. There are a number of places to eat and stay along the old route - I don't eat fish myself so I don't know of a good fish place.

About 3 years back, in 2004, a friend of mine and I met up (he's from New York, I'm from Maine) outside Bloomsburg. We followed U S 11 down to Selinsgrove, 522 down to 22 in Lewistown and took 22 from there into P'burg (we were going to the Hudson club national meet held in P'burg in 2004). That was a nice drive too.


Or you could go a bit out of the way and take U S 6 across. I havn't done that route in years, so can't give you much info on it. I have driven 30 from Chambersburg to Pittsburg, tho, once or twice. Between Chambersburg and Bedford it's a thrill ride!!! :D Try it and you'll see what I mean.


Happy Travels.



Alex Burr

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Alex has named the three routes (6-22-30) that I think of for crossing PA. I've been on the east half of US-6 and found it very scenic but it seems like it might be a bit too far north for your purpose. US-22 is probably the most direct and it does go through some very pretty country. I believe that quite a bit of it is now divided 4 lane and there may be some construction. US-30 also has some good scenery and a large batch of history, too. It's a bit further south and probably (I'm guessing here) a bit longer.


From the map, my impression is that your path to either US-22 or US-30 just might go through Harrisburg and I remember a good meal at the Appalachian Brewing Company (a microbrewery) there. For all I know, there might be a world class seafood joint right around the corner but I'll offer up ABC as a restaurant that I enjoyed. Of course, I have a fondness for microbreweries that you may not share. If you opt for US-30, it would be a good chance to experience all or most of the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor. If that sounds interesting, I highly recommend getting the Driving Guide from the LHHC. It's quite the bargain at $2.50.


Sorry for the lack of specifics but that's the long distant view. Maybe someone nearer the area can kick in some suggestions particularly once you settle on a general route.

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I personally am fond of US 30 across PA. I know its eastern section is kind of far south for you, Gherkintrude.....it actually goes through the center of Philly on its path to NJ. I wouldn't recommend travelling the section from Chambersburg to Breezewood on a rainy evening either. Those curves are SOOOO much sharper if you barely see the centerline in the pea soup fog that I experienced on one journey eastward....lol. Yeah, and semis that aren't making local deliveries are banned or discouraged from travelling the stretch near Breezewood....yes.......


But US 30 does have some points of interest west of Breezewood, and it does veer northward from there. In Bedford and Somerset County, the highway follows high ridges....beautiful overlooks. I personally have checked out the SS Grand View Hotel wreckage on Mount Ararat. What a shame it burned and fell down the side of the mountain in 2001. Here's a link that discusses the hotel..... http://www.preservationpa.org/files/publications/Risk93.htm. And a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article that discusses it's history and the fire that destroyed it..... http://www.postgazette.com/regionstate/200...7ship1027p2.asp.


That and there's Fort Ligonier and the Lincoln Highway Association museum. I haven't seen either, though I hope to one day. There's this whole issue with a job that gives me less vacation than I had two years ago...


Matt Smallwood

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I like the idea of microbreweries, although as driver I'll have to stash my bounty until we reach our destination. That twisty stretch of road is both tempting and terrifying. I'll have to see what the weather's like during our trip and if I feel like Wonder Woman or a wimp.

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If you like microbreweries and you decide on the Lincoln Highway route, the Appalachian Brewing Company branch in Gettysburg and the Red Star Brewery in Greensburg are also possibilities. I recall pretty good meals at both and the Red Star also makes their own root beer.

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