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  1. Gherkintrude


    From the album: Halloween, USA

    Me in my blood spattered Carrie prom dress, scaring the trick or treaters
  2. Gherkintrude


    From the album: Halloween, USA

    Marline and I atop Jeez mountain at Malabar Farm in Ohio. It's called Jeez Mountain cause the stunning view from the top will make you say "Jeez". Malabar Farm is a working farm and home to aouthr Louis Bromfield (hope I'm spelling his name right) Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart got married there. And a more sinister past lurks in a small cottage on the grounds, previous home to a murderess.
  3. Gherkintrude


    From the album: Halloween, USA

    My brother's home in Croydon, decked out for Halloween.
  4. Gherkintrude

    Blue Jay

    From the album: Halloween, USA

    At the bird sanctuary in Ashland you could get up close to some amazing birds. We were fortunate to get close not only to this lovely Blue Jay but to a bald eagle. Marline used to work there and her previous boss let her feed him. Unfortunately we weren't able to get any photos as the eagle was very nervous and we didn't want to frighten him.
  5. From the album: Halloween, USA

    It was really starting to feel like Halloween, my favourite holiday! Later that evening we went to the Ohio State Reformatory, which was decked out for the holiday complete with ghosts and ghouls.
  6. Gherkintrude

    Corn Maze

    From the album: Halloween, USA

    We got lost in the corn maze.
  7. Gherkintrude

    Ashland, OH

    From the album: Halloween, USA

    Instead of our original plan to take Route 30 all the way from Pittsburgh to Ashland, we took a rather erratic detour, going up first to Erie, mostly along Route 19 and then across into Ohio on Route 20. We stopped at Geneva on the Lake to see Lake Erie. Craig could barely believe that a lake could be so huge. Then we followed the 528 and 44 down to Route 30 and into Ashland. My friend Marline's farmhouse was our destination.
  8. Gherkintrude


    From the album: Halloween, USA

    My friend in Ashland ,OH owns this big ball of fluff.
  9. Gherkintrude


    From the album: Halloween, USA

    After over 6 hours drive, we make it from the poconos to Pittsburgh
  10. Gherkintrude


    From the album: Halloween, USA

    A lovely quiet street in Hawley, PA. Only minutes away from there we had visited what seemed like a haunted antique store. I had been browsing with my brother and we headed up to the top floor of the shop. Immediadtely I had started feeling uncomfortable, and soon after my brother Greg started sensing it too. I strange, oppressive feeling. I hurried out with Greg right behind me. My husband Craig came out a little later, we weren't going back in after him, and he said he had seen books on black magic up on that floor. I'm not easily spooked but that shop creeped me out!!!
  11. From the album: Halloween, USA

    On our hunt for antique stores in the Poconos we came across this shop. Can't remember the name but the owner had lots of minature ponies at the back and was happy for us to go around and meet them.
  12. Gherkintrude


    From the album: Halloween, USA

    They serve your breakfast right in the pan. I had pumpkin pancakes and scrapple. Fantastic!
  13. From the album: Halloween, USA

    Fall in the Poconos is beautiful
  14. Gherkintrude

    Big Daddy's

    From the album: Halloween, USA

    A restaurant/bar in the Poconos. The desserts looked awesome but I was too stuffed to try.
  15. From the album: Halloween, USA

    Right on the lakefron. The first morning there were 5 deer standing in the front.
  16. There's something really cosy and peaceful about this picture. Great shot!
  17. Thanks for the tips. I'm glad to see there's a diner there. I heard rumor there was none in Ohio but I'm glad there is.
  18. We've been waiting for ages but our trip is getting near enough that I can almost taste it. (ok, it's more like 57 days away, but I've been planning since January) I'm curious if anyone has any hints about places to see and places to eat along the Lincoln Highway between Pittsburgh and Ashland, OH. I'm going out to meet a friend that lives there and wanted to take that route. Thanks!
  19. I've loved being a passenger since I was a child. My Dad used to take us out for a Sunday drive most wekeends. I guess it was a cheap and entertaining way to keep 4 kids quiet. He would take the "scenic route" (backroads, getting lost etc). But I guess my first real "hit" as a driver came much later. Last year in fact when I was planing a road trip for my own family. We started in Virginia and travelled on Skyline Drive, Rtes 11 and 321 to Tennessee up to Kentucky (on country music highway 23) through West Virginia (rtes 119 and 33) and back round to Sterling mostly on backroads, only begrudgingly hitting the Interstates when we needed to make some time. (that means catching up to my Dad. Now that he's older with no kids in the backseat he's gotta get there fast, fast and even faster!!) We saw some amazing sites, suffered through my teenage daughter's never ending collection of poodle rock (you know the 80's big hair stuff) and just had a great two weeks as a family. My thoroughly British son developed an insane addiction to Mr Pibb, my teenage daughter actually smiled and my British husband got very intimate with a Rand McNally USA road atlas. And me, well I just kept on truckin'!! (ps my Mom has us linked up with walkie talkies at one point. Every time she spoke the first thing she would say was "Banana phone" - usally something like "Banana phone, lets get off the next exit and go to the Cracker Barrel "again!!! (they just love the Cracker Barrel-my Dad's got a map of all their locations) The walkie talkies weren't inherently a bad idea except she kept it switched off otherwise so when we needed to contact her, we had to pull up beside my parents' car and gesticulate wildly)
  20. That was a fun quiz! Here's a couple of my favorites that didn't make it on... Highway Star by Deep Purple guaranteed to make you go at least 20 mph faster On the Road Again by Canned Heat, great for cruising along on a sunny afternoon East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed from Smokey and the Bandit for when you'r truckin' Gherkintrude
  21. I remember my brother and sister working in a restaurant called the Pioneer, I think it was taken over by the Ponderosa. This was early 1980's. I recall my brother Bob having to wear one of those three corner hats which was very amusing. I also have fond memories of the Pioneer Diner (which was a totally separate thing) that we always stopped at on family trips to the Poconos during the 1970's. I think it was along the 611, but I couldn't be sure. They did wonderful fried chicken, I ordered it every time. I loved how it was served in a little red basket. Those simple things that make it so special.
  22. So many great photos already! My photos is from Gatlinburg in the Smokey Mountains in TN. It was our first family holiday, along with my brothers and my parents that we've had in over 25 years. We drove down through Virginia and into Tennessee along the 321 to arrive into Gatlinburg. A much more scenic way to arrive than the 441 and less busy. Our chalet was way up along a winding road to the top of a mountain. Our neighbours informed us that they had seen a mother bear and her cubs going across the drive of the chalet earlier that day. The view from our chalet was magnificent, as this picture shows.
  23. I've been to Hay on Wye, a book lovers paradise. And Snowdonia. We were taking the scenic route on the way to Port Merion and we were going down a single lane road that was meant for two way traffic. The ride was frightening but the scenery was amazing. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from that trip. I have posted a few for your from our trip to Edale in the Peak District. Edale is a small little village with a pub on each end surrounded by breathtaking hills. We stayed in a stone farmhouse that had been converted to a B&B. Later this month we hope to get up to Edinburgh. Hope you like the pictures.
  24. I thought it might be only one of those urban legends of roadside attractions, a replica of Stonehenge but made out of huge blocks of styrofoam. But it really does exist. And it was free to see, just drive into the lot and walk right up. Unlike the real Stonehenge, at Foamhenge you can get right up and touch. If you are heading south on Rt 11 it is about 1 mile before Natural Bridge and the equally enjoyable Monster Musem. We braved our tour of the Monster Museum to the end, with the unorthodox use of the light on my daughter's mobile phone to guide us through the pitch black maze. If you aren't brave or devious enough to get through the maze you are greeted by a huge chicken statue at the alternate exit.
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