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Wallis' New Lh Book

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Michael Wallis' new book on the Lincoln Highway (with photographer Michael S. Williamson) is scheduled for publication this summer. I have the specs and an image on my site:




Scroll down below my three books.


I believe their subtitle has been shortened to eliminate Route 30.


Brian Butko

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Thanks for the info Brian, and welcome aboard! I'm just curious, with somewhat of a "rivalry" between some LH folks and some Route 66 folks, what's been the reaction of some of the LH loyalists regarding a "Route 66 guy" writing a book about "their" road? ;-) Seriously though, with your fine book out (I don't see any book coming out to surpass its quality) and now the Wallis/Williamson book coming out, I think we could really see a wave of new motorists hitting the LH much like the Wallis book did for Route 66 more than 15 years ago. Let's hope!

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Thank you for your many kind words. Been on board for years, just reading more than posting. There probably is a rivalry, or at least a sense of which road is "better," but if so, I'll be glad to bridge the gap and say they're both great roads full of amazing scenery and interesting attractions. Their new book promises to be a quality publication, and will surely introduce a lot more people to the Lincoln Highway, which can only help businesses and preservation efforts along the route. That's why I posted in the general forum, figuring it's of interest (I hope) to more than just LH fans.

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As a LH aficionado and LH Association member, and not a route 66 fan, I say Bravo, Great, Terrific!! Excellent writers telling the stories of great roads are welcome, nay, encouraged, to turn their talents to any of my favorite routes. I look forward to another great read, and maybe a few discoveries! Count me in for the ride, and Keep the Show on the Road!


(I am new to posting comments, but a seasoned auto trails traveler and collector. If I err in this first post and somehow mess up, I know you will cut me a little slack, and tell me what I did wrong.)



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