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Images before 2011 Lost

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I just discovered that old photos posted on America Road have disappeared. The long forgotten Hypotenuse Trail (2008) has lost it's images. :) This may be old old news :)


I have not fully tracked the issue but I think I have enough to know it is on the forum board end. Since photos from more than one member are gone (and thus it is not a loss at the member's host storage site), and because the images are uploaded to board storage, it is a issue at the forum board end.


It seems to apply to all images before about 2012 give or take a year, but I didn't seek to track down a specific date for the change. 2013 images were available, but not so for some 2011 and before.


If I had to take a guess, AR shifted to a new version of its board and in the process, the files prior to some date were deleted. If my guess is correct, I doubt there is a fix.


The other possibility is that the broad host deletes the oldest images when AR's storage allocation is exceeded.


In any event, I thought you would want to know......or I am just repeating old info. :)    I don't remember, but I think old men are forgetful.



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