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Hutchman Lincoln Highway Trip

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Any road trip is a good trip! I wondered where you were picking the Lincoln up. It sounds a bit like you are going to do what I often do, which is to do sections of one route and another, without feeling the need to travel just one all the way.


I don’t think I answered your question from your earlier post because I didn’t know your starting point on the Lincoln. I’m still not sure where that will be….but if I had just one section, it wpuld be the long one between Fallan Nevada and western Utah, via Sand Springs, Eatsgate, Austin, Eureka, Ely, Tippets and Ipaba.


You get a double package because you are following the Pony Express and the old overland stage route as well. I don’t think there is another long section of road in the country that so well preserves travel 100 years ago. US66 is a nice route, but it is really 1930s-50’s based for the most part, which is to say what is there mostly dates from that era. The Lincoln in Nevada will take you back to 1915 and before, and give the Jeep something it will enjoy.


Safe Journey!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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As seems to happen quite a bit these days, I have posponed this trip due to health.  My back is so bad right now I can hardly walk some days.  MRI ON the 24th and we'll go from there.....

However, there is a new.....not quite period correct......vehicle at my house.   Will start a thread for it.

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