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Hwy 30 and points east!

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Well, well, well.....it appears plans are coming together!  Looks like we will be headed east around the 16th or 17th of September.  

Much more to come as we plan.....if wny of you have suggestions as what "must be seen" along US  30/The Lincoln Hwy between OR and IL, please speak up!

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I guess in part the answer to what is a must see on the Lincoln depends on where you plan to pick it up, coming as you will from eastern Oregon. For me the must see would be the section from roughly Ely Nevada to the Salt Lake area. Much is on the original roadbed and graveled but unpaved. It can be nasty just after a rain, and I have not traveled it for many years.

Take a look here:


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As seems to  happen in life, things have changed.  Due to health issues from my back, we have sold our travel trailer.  I cannot deal with the setup any more.

I had mentioned that I wanted a period correct vehicle for some of my travels, well that vehicle has become a new Jeep Wrangler.  There is more to this story, but that's for another thrrad.

Our trip along the Lincoln Highway has morphed into seeing a few sites of the highway along the trip to IL rather than concentrating on the highway itself.  Probably going to follow RT 66 on the way back west, but that is not for certain yet.

So we shall see how this trip unfolds.

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