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Rusting Away! Year Changes, Options?


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While it has been a few days since this experience & the resulting article (Rusting Away 2 Hours), it still aggravates me; the car is now headed for auction-junkyard & probably was from the moment it landed on the dealer lot. It COULD be repaired & still give years of reliable service! Sounds like Cash-For-Clunkers?!
What has been your most aggravating dealership experience?
Regarding new, anyone else miss when vehicles had exterior differences each year to distinguish each model year!?
For those who have named your vehicles, have you ever put the name ON them!?
I prefer the chrome look, but blacked-out trim is growing on me! Which do you prefer?
Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)
"Why are we so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you & me" __ Coolio __ 'Gangsta's Paradise (Dangerous Minds)'
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Quick follow-up to Rusting Away 2 Hours:
Less than a day after I was told the dealership was going to wholesale-junkyard the 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis, this Craigslist ad popped up:
Did they really think I wouldn’t see it!?
Cort :( www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 79 CC to ?? Mercury Grand Marquis!!
"Seems like it's been forever that you've been gone" __ Fort Minor __ 'Where'd You Go?'
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