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Road Warrior

The Ghost Highway

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This is a report on the 4 mile stretch of the Yellowstone trail that has been abandoned since 1927. It lies northwest of Lake Easton, WA. I also took some photos of the 1927 bridge on the new alignment that replaced the ghost highway.


Most of this road is so overgrown that in places it is just a footpath. We were able to walk or drive on all but the last mile which has not seen a car in almost 90 years.


here is the link to the page.




Happy Trails




The B/W photo is looking eastbound with Little Kachess Lake in the Distance taken 4-29-2016 using photo editor


The then and now photo is looking westbound. I am 90% certain this close to the same spot.





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Hey Curt,


Nice write-up & excellent photographs documenting the road. Looks like a neat adventure. Thank you for sharing!


I think my favorite image may be the then-now photo!



Cort > www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

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