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Tribute To Friend + Sporty + 2 Not-Seen Cars

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The owner-proprietor of Afton Station in Oklahoma, a Route 66 personality & friend of mine, died 01/28/2016. I dedicated Chapter 50 of my Route 66-based story to her:
Chapter 51, which will publicize today (Sunday, 02/07/2016) at 6p US central, talks further about filling shoes of Route 66 icons-ambassadors-roadies who are no longer with us.
Which would you rather have: new sporty (Chevrolet Z-71) or old sporty (Ford Mustang)!?
When is the last time you saw a 1987 Cadillac Cimarron?
Or, a 1959 Edsel!
BTW, today (02/07/2016) marks the beginning of Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Week:
Tonight, a post about a CHD-related Super Bowl commercial will publicize ~9p US central.
Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)
"An open road and a road that's hidden" __ Steve Wariner __ 'Brand New Life (Who's The Boss?)'
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