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Brick Lh, Ligonier, In

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Got to take a trip on the Lincoln in northestern Indiana not long ago - the 1913 alignment. I've wanted to see the brick segment near Ligonier for approximately forever and I finally got my chance.


15546082711_5bf4a97628.jpgBrick Lincoln Highway by Jim Grey, on Flickr


You come upon it suddenly. We missed the south entrance as we headed northbound, so we turned in on the north entrance.


15363123960_a46fabe1ca.jpgBrick Lincoln Highway by Jim Grey, on Flickr


I'm not used to seeing mortared brick roads out here. Most of the ones I've encountered in IN and IL are laid without mortar on a concrete pad.


15546086891_d446a69d35.jpgBrick Lincoln Highway by Jim Grey, on Flickr


I'm also very impressed with the way this curve was constructed. I've not seen another like it.


15525067146_7be54325a6.jpgBrick Lincoln Highway by Jim Grey, on Flickr


I've also never seen a brick gutter before. Even on the NR in IL, the gutters are concrete.


15549604462_3686e30180.jpgBrick Lincoln Highway by Jim Grey, on Flickr


Here's the south end. That's my girlfriend Margaret over there, exploring on her own.


I've got to do a proper LH tour across Indiana. As we drove between Churubusco and Elkhart I saw all sorts of little road remnants off to the side.





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