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Best Budget Inn, Carthage, Mo

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Hello all! This years Missouri Motor Tour was exceptional, and I thank all those who joined us and made it special! After the tour, we stayed at the Boots Motel last night, and had an awesome time in an awesome place! One thing happened that I wanted to bring to people’s attention.

Last night while staying in Carthage we were visited by the owner of the Best Budget Inn just east of Carthage (across SR 96 from the Kel Lake Motel and the “Crapduster”, on the left side of SR 96 (Route 66) going West), Paula Farmer. She is a very nice lady, who is trying to get business for what is by all accounts a very nice motel. Apparently she gets some promotional help from Gary Turner, but the motel has not been able to draw in a lot of Route 66 travel. We drove by there today. As we had to get back to St. Louis, we were not able to see the rooms inside; however, folks that have stayed there advise that it is a nice place. From the outside, it appeared to be a nice, clean motel. There are picnic tables outside, nice benches outside the rooms, hammocks on the second floor. They have 66 flags at the entryways. Paula would like more folks to visit Carthage and all it has to offer (and it has a lot to offer!). She wants folks to stay in Carthage and hopes all motels in the Carthage area benefit. She would just like hers to be one of them.

If you are looking for a place in the Carthage area to stay, include this in your options. I don’t often get sought out by the owner of a motel, so I figure there is something special about it. A place to add to your options traveling Route 66 through Carthage. For more information visit their website: http://bestbudgetinn.homestead.com/

There will be more forthcoming about the tour and our stay in Carthage at the Boots (may take a few days—have to go through a lot of pictures!).

SGF, Kip

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