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Interstate (us 99 And Pacific Highway) Bridge In Jeopardy

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I saw information concerning the potential future of the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia River (US 99 and formerly Pacific Highway Bridge). I am hopeful that the AMERICAN ROAD FORUM members can muster up some passion to help preserve an important piece of history. I will make reference to this in the Bridges sub-forum as well. Please see my message below about organizing to make sure that historic road preservationists, historians, and enthusiasts opinions are heard.




We ran an in-depth feature article on the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia in

AMERICAN ROAD Magazine back in the Winter 2003 issue. We have a special place in

our hearts for it. The bridge deserves to be preserved in some fashion. The staff at

AMERICAN ROAD Magazine would be very interested in assisting in efforts to preserve

it. I know we would be happy to provide comment to the Task Force and to run something

in AMERICAN ROAD. Perhaps we can come up with a template/form letter than can then be utilized by interested parties to comment to the Task Force. We may also be able to send out a press release

emphasizing the importance of preserving our history for generations to come.



Becky Repp

General Manager



cell: 206-369-5782


Some additional articles about the bridge's history: http://www.oregonlive.com/search/index.ssf...115942300532496




www.oregonlive.com and search for "Interstate Bridge" for the article dated Thursday September 28th.


Opinions may be expressed at:


> http://www.columbiarivercrossing.org/.

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Hello all. I've heard from Patrick Singleton - another US 99 enthusiast. Patrick is going to draft a template letter that we will obtain input from highway preservationists, enthusiasts, etc. on and then post on the Forum for those interested in expressing an opinion to the task for working on the Interstate/Columbia Bridge project.


Stay tuned for more information!




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