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Dearth To Deluge -- Bookwise

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Maybe two isn't exactly a deluge but compared to zero it's a lot. Zero is the number of US 6 books that I was aware of until recently. Then one day I learned of a Route 6 guidebook via a travel blog and through that learned that Joe Hurley's book about his walk across the country on US Highway 6 was available. Both were published in May and I probably should have known of them earlier. Better start paying attention, I guess.


Malerie Yolen-Cohen's "Stay On Route 6" is a guidebook to the entire highway with advice on things to see and where to sleep and eat. I posted a review here:


Joe Hurley's "Ten Million Steps On Route 6" is filled with Travis Lindhorst's photographs and Joe stories about people and places. My review is here.

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Your book review of "Stay on Route 6" was terrific....you are clearly more than just a pretty face! :happy2: I read the whole thing and enjoyed every thought. Perhaps more important, it added to my knowledge and perspectives on road travel. Kudos!!


Whether you have an interest in Route 6 or not, read Denny's review.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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You could make a living writing book reviews.

Only if I can find more good recipes using dust jackets and end sheets.

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