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"Finding trust & love is not always easy to make" __ Yael Naim __ 'New Soul'



After experiencing a roller coaster last weekend of July, I decided to post 1 last "commentary". We live in a very small world. And, we don't always realize it.


Fellow "roadie" Denny G & I have had several "misses" meeting in person, including a stop in Amarillo TX in 2011. We were in that town the SAME night, but didn't realize it until a day or so later while comparing "current road trip" notes. So, when Denny told me about his Route 66 trip this year, we were determined to meet. Before he left, we briefly discussed the possibility of me driving with him to St Louis, Friday, 07/27/2012. But, as it became clear that I had to sell my MCs, those plans were abandoned, like many a town & business along Route 66.


So, once Denny landed in Braidwood IL Thursday evening, 07/26/2012, we quickly planned a dinner meeting at Culver's, along IL RT 47, Yorkville IL. While it was our first time meeting in person, it certainly didn't take us long to jump into discussions of road trips, fellow friends & life in general. Halfway through our meeting, a couple enter Culver's. I immediately recognized the gal, though I wasn't sure it was who I thought it was. With their kids, the couple sat in the booth behind me. As they got up to leave, I interrupted Denny & turned to them, asking if I knew them. When I mentioned my sister's name, the connection was made. The lady is a friend of my sister's from church camp. Imagine meeting her & her family there at that particular moment in time.


I had a great visit with Denny & look forward to meeting him again. Driving home, my thoughts turned to the upcoming weekend & the departure of 3 of my MCs. To say the weekend was rough just doesn't quite cover it. Watching my "babies" leave, it was tough knowing that my "car family" is forever changed & my 10-year dream came to an abrupt, frustrating, depressing ... end.


But, the weekend had an awesome ending! A little under a year ago, an Australian couple I met during my September 2009 Route 66 road trip Emailed me to tell me they were planning another adventure "in the states". Their plans included a drive between Green Bay WI & Cleveland OH & a stop in Elgin IL. Details were worked out to meet Sunday evening, 07/29/2012. Perfect timing to lift my spirits after an emotionally "character building" 2 days.


I found out that the stop in Elgin was simply to see me. It was great to have dinner with them; we talked about just about everything ... the Olympics, the selling of my beloved MCs, old cars, new cars, front wheel vs. rear wheel drive, unemployment, medical expenses, "politics", etc. It was definitely the highlight of the 2-day weekend. They continued their USA excursion (6 weeks total) the next morning. 2012 picture w/link to the 2009 pic in the caption:




I still think this is my #1 "small world" story, best told in the caption of this 2006 road trip picture:




So, what's the point? Simple!

Travel (&/or) attend cruise nights, shows, gatherings, events.

Meet people.

Engage in conversation.

Let the topics flow.


You'll be surprised at what you have in common or how you are connected, even if you have differing opinions on specific topics. Heck, you might just add a friend or 2. Just sayin'.




Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | '79 MC + 1979 Caprice Classic

CHD.MC.CC + RoadTrips.hobbies.RadioShows.us66 = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort

"I've always seen myself as a hopeless romantic" __ Gary Morris & Crystal Gayle __ 'Another World'

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