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Weird Summer?


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My "car season" may be winding down quicker than expected, but it sure has been a weird summer, at least compared to the last few years.



For the first time in over 5 years, I've attended cruise nights regularly, 5 nights in a row at one point. All the pics I've taken at cruise nights this year are here:



Some highlights...


...Elgin IL, 06/05/2011, Sunday:



...Dundee IL, 06/08/2011, Wednesday:



...S Elgin IL, 06/10/2011, Friday:



...Dundee IL, 07/20/2011, Wednesday:



...S Elgin IL, 07/22/2011, Friday:



...S Elgin IL, 07/29/2011, Friday:



...S Elgin IL, 07/30/2011, Saturday:



...S Elgin IL, 08/05/2011, Friday:



...Elgin IL, 09/11/2011, Sunday:



...Elgin IL, 09/11/2011, Sunday:




While I've attended cruise nights, I most-likely will NOT get to 1,000 miles on each of my Monte Carlos in 2011, for what would've been the 3rd straight year of doing so. Instead, depending on how the next few weeks go, I may be lucky to reach 500 miles on each. Heck, I've only put gas in them twice so far this year; gas mileage numbers from the 2nd fill up are below.


One reason I've put so "few" miles on my MCs this year is because of my 2011 road trip, which I took in the middle of the summer this year (instead of in the last 4 months of the year) and drove over 9,300 miles:






Calculations are based on most-recent fill-ups, Wednesday, 09/07/2011, for my Caprice Classic and Sunday, 09/04/2011, for my 5 MCs (2nd time I've gassed 'em up in 2011).


1979 Caprice Classic, 350 V8 w/TBI

...196.8 miles driven @ 12.125 gallons to fill up = 16.23 mpg


1972 MC, 350 V8

...210.6 miles @ 13.268 gallons = 15.87 mpg


1976 MC, 305 V8

...205.9 miles @ 11.775 gallons = 17.49 mpg


1979 MC, 350 V8

...207.1 miles @ 10.408 gallons = 19.89 mpg


1981 MC SC, 3.8 V6

...208.3 miles @ 9.496 gallons = 21.94 mpg


1987 MC LS, 305 V8

...146.0 miles @ 7.597 gallons = 19.22 mpg




So ... anyone else experience a weird summer in TwentyEleven?




Cort | 37.m.IL.pigValve.pacemaker | 5 Monte Carlos + 1 Caprice Classic | * CruiseNites_2011_Chi.IL *

MCs.CC + CHD.models.HO.legos.RadioShows + RoadTrips.us66 = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort

"Take a trip to the city lights" __ Supertramp __ 'Take The Long Way Home'

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My TR3B spent most of the summer in the garage as I could not figure out the problems with the turn signals and the brake lights. A friend came over this week, and found a bad wire plus we cleaned up a lot of connections, so the lights are working again. But due to schedule I missed my two favorite shows that I have attended every years since I bought the car. And with all the rain we had in August, a roadster without side curtains would not have been practical anyway. I am not even going to drive the Triumph today when I head down the museum to prep a Jaguar XKE Coupe that just came in because of predicted thunderstorms.So it will be mostly drives down to America On Wheels, and sometimes taking Fagin out for a run on local country roads this year. I plan to keep the car at home this winter and out of the shop and hope that next summer's schedule works out better for driving.

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...and hope that next summer's schedule works out better for driving.


That sums it up right there, Dave ... for you and me both. My goodness. This past Saturday, I was supposed to be at a "mini meet" of one of my groups in Stillman Valley IL, but I wasn't feeling good, so I wasn't able to go. VERY VERY frustrating, particularly when I miss people I want to see :(. Ugh.



That '70 LeSabre was nice.


Jim ... it is even better in person. I know the guy who owns it ... and this is the first year in about 5 (or so) that he has had it out for the summer. It has been so wonderful to see it back on the road. :)




Heh ... to further illustrate how "weird" my summer is:


I haven't detailed my cars yet this year, let alone simply washed them! With the pending surgery, I probably will not have time to clean them...UGH.

Ssssooo...anyone want to or know of someone who would clean them for me??????



...at least I've had lots of "nephew time" this year; hard to believe he will be THREE in less than 2 months.



Pics I took when I had the cars out Saturday, 09/17/2011:


...1979 Caprice Classic







...1987 MC







...1981 MC





...1979 MC





...1976 MC







...1972 MC








Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker | 5 Monte Carlos + 1 Caprice Classic

CHD.MCs.CC + RoadTrips.models.RadioShows.legos.HO.us66 = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort

"I'm in a state of confusion, I hope things aren't what they seem" __ Travis Tritt __ 'Tell Me I Was Dreaming'

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