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Nr Indianapolis 1917

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A reader of my blog sent me this photo of two of her ancestors. The year was 1917, and this was on the National Road in far western Marion County, Indiana, just east of what was the town of Bridgeport. This bridge was built that year, and (the reader says) the concrete road had just been poured and was curing underneath some straw. I can't tell for sure that the road is actually concrete from this photo, but I'll take her word for it!



Augustine Rt 40_3.jpg

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Neat shot! No airport there in 1917. IND is one of the best airports in the US, IMHO, but I digress...

Looking at my Indy city map, I'm wondering if the bridge is a railroad bridge. Even today there is a RR line crossing Washington (US40) that branches off of the main line (northern boundary of IND, just south of and parallel to Washington) in just about that area just east of what was Bridgeport.

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Wow ... how cool. "Then and now" pics of that bridge, between the pic you posted, Jim, and the link you gave.


Love that 1917 photo.




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