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21st Annual Route 66 Association Of Missouri Motor Tour

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The weekend of September 10-13, the Route 66 Association of Missouri held its 21st Annual Motor Tour, where it "Cruised Into the Next Decade" by stopping at a few old friends but several new ones on the Mother Road between Gray Summit and Joplin, MO. Visit the link below to see the highlights:



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Great ride!!!!! Love the slideshow format - almost like riding along in the back seat!!!!! :D It is a little sad, tho. My daughter and I took 66 from Carthage to Springfield on our Father-Daughter trip back in 2002, and I couldn't find anything I recognized; I've read a lot of Route 66 trip reports here on American Road and enjoyed the pictures. But I've searched in vain for something I could recognize from my trip on 66 back in 1953. It's all changed way to much and the old memory isn't all that great any more. I have the same problem with U S 40 thru Wheeling into Ohio to the Dayton area - but those trips, with the folks to visit friends and relatives, were even further back in the late 40's/early 50's.


It's changed so much. :(




Alex Burr

Memphis, TN

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Nice report. It certainly looks like you had fun and the group photo shows there was a good turnout. There were a few things, such as the vacuum museum, that I didn't know about and have not yet seen. d never seen. Any word on when/if rooms will be available at the Sunset?

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