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Dave Darby

Abandoned Us 30

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As promised, here is one of the coolest abandoned highway sections I have ever seen. Abandoned in the late 50's, this section is cut off from the main road, and is over grown with trees. Another neat feature is the notorious Iowa curbs. This was an Iowa experiment gone awry that lasted from around 1927 to the late 30's. Cars would ride up on the curbs, the driver would over correct, and head into oncoming traffic. A three year project begun in 1977 removed all the curbs from any remaining state of federally controlled highway still using them.








Here is the east end, where it was cut off, by removal of the bridge...




In this later photo, you can see those curbs on the left hand side...




Here is an aerial view from the 1930's....


Abandoned US 30 1930's


In the 1950's layer, you can see the transition starting...


Abandoned US 30 1957




Abandoned US 30, 1963


And in 2009. You could drive right past, and never know it was there...


Abandoned US 30 2009

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Dave, yup, this is one seriously cool abandoned alignment. It looks like it could be used in a horror movie. And I've never seen a tree growing out of the roadway before. I'd love to come upon something like this! jim

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